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See London through my lens

Saanut 5,0/5 yhteensä 16 arvostelusta.Lontoo, Britannia


Vieraile apukeskuksessa ja lue ohjeemme Airbnb-elämyksiä järjestävien elämysjärjestäjien ja niihin osallistuvien vieraiden terveyden ja turvallisuuden suojelemiseksi. Lisätietoja

Elämyksen järjestää Ab

2 tuntia
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Korkeintaan 3 henkilöä
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Once you inform me of the style of the photos you are after and any pacific places you really want to visit, I will customise a whole day plan for us, including a mood board to help you get ideas for poses and also help select outfits.

If you are not too sure about the theme or locations, do not worry, I can offer day plans including themes and locations accordingly.

I have great Pre-day plans for;

 Solo travers
 Couples
 Family
 Surprise party

(feel free to get in touch for any other customisable day-plans)

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    After the shoot, I will deliver all of the photos(watermarked) to you via a...
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Elämysjärjestäjäsi Ab

Järjestänyt elämyksiä Airbnb:llä 2019 alkaen
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Hey! I am AB, a freelance photographer, based right in the heart of the London city. I grew up here exploring some of the wonderful places across central which most people might not know. I specialised in really dramatic, moody and cinematic style portraits, check out Instagram [ inno.vative ]. If you are after those perfect “wow” instagramic photos, we can make that happen! I have worked with a lot of people who had zero experience in front of the camera.
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Locations will be customised based on what you are looking for or I can offer a lot suggestions. For example Bank, it's absolutely amazing place if you are after lifestyle photos on the street of London but also some amazing dramatic intsa-worthy portraits.

Canary Wharf, a very underestimated place by a lot of people, but it's full of mind-blowing locations from rooftop gardens to an amazing street with astonishing architectural buildings!

Saanut 5,0/5 yhteensä 16 arvostelusta.

maaliskuu 2020
I liked it. The photos were super moody, and captured a lot of subtle expressions. Ab is obviously a skilled photographer, and I was impressed that the photos were that good when shot in the dark. Would recommend.
maaliskuu 2020
During our experience, Ab wants to make sure that we are comfortable an enjoying to obtain a great result. After the shooting, Ab showed a preview so we are very excited to receive the final product.
maaliskuu 2020
I highly recommend Ab he’s such a wonderful person,friendly,cool take his time to take pictures he was so helpful. I was so relax when he was taking my pictures because of him it’s like I know him for a long time. See u next time Ab
maaliskuu 2020
ab was an amazing photographer i’ve met . he’s so friendly and welcoming and he teach me how to pose and expose my self and the he got some magical hidden spots to shoot witch i really enjoyed . and ab is so friendly guy
maaliskuu 2020
Me gusto mucho esta experiencia, el realmente me escucho lo que yo quería y supo darme ideas de cómo hacerlo mejor , siempre está abierto a tus ideas para que puedas tener tu foto perfecta realmente me gusto .. y lo recomiendo
tammikuu 2020
Ab is an excellent photographer. I booked with Ab to do the senior pictures for my 17 year old stepdaughter. Ab picked out some great locations and really made the pictures turn out great. He even took some extra time to take some pictures with my stepdaughter’s friend and some pictures of my wife and I. Ab has energy and enthusiasm and really loves to get the right picture.
Ab is an excellent photographer. I booked with Ab to do the senior pictures for my 17 year old stepdaughter. Ab picked out some great locations and really made the pictures turn…

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Vieraiden enimmäismäärä on 3 ja alaikäraja 8. Vanhemmat voivat tuoda mukanaan alle 2-vuotiaita lapsia.

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All the photos will be send via google drive within week time including the edited. I’ll be giving 25 digital photos with 5 edited. More can be purchased which can be discussed

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