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Learn the Art of Reading a Coffee-Cup

Learn the Art of Reading a Coffee-Cup

Duration:kokonaiskesto 1.5 tuntia
Includes:Juomat ja Välineistö
Languages:Tarjotaan kielellä Englanti

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I come from a family of fortune-tellers, from the city of Smyrna renowned for its magicians and charmers. I grew up in an environment where it was the norm to turn your coffee cup upside down and to give it to your friends to "read it" for you. I never did it myself, however. After all, who would believe such superstition? It took me many years to understand that coffee-cup reading is a lot more…

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I will meet you at our designated spot on the Aiolou Street, from where we will walk together to the studio where the workshop will be. The workshop is meant for 4 people at a time and we will not be more crowded than that. Once we arrive at the studio, we will sit together around a small table while I make coffee for everyone. Those who would like to learn how to make Greek coffee are very…

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Greek coffee made in the traditional way - foamy and thick enough to form some of those mysterious patterns inside the cup.
I will give you a small, hand-written glossary explaining some of the main patterns of coffee-cup reading. The glossary also includes a simple guide to making Greek coffee in the traditional way, so that you can practise your coffee-reading skills back home!

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You can bring a small personal item, like a ring, as this is believed to transmit your energy to the coffee cup.

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The workshop is held at a studio in Monastiraki, where it is cool and silent enough to focus on each other and on the coffee cups. This studio is at the same time a performance venue for local artists, although during the time of the workshop it will be reserved for us.


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Learn the Art of Reading a Coffee-Cup
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10 arvostelua
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