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Our tree in the garden
Our tree in the garden
  • Aurora`s room incl. breakfast
  • The polarnight is over and the sky gets pink from the sun
  • Wintertime
  • The beautyfull Northern Light - Aurora  Borealis- above our house
  • Welcome to Aurora`s room
  • Desktop With a chair
  • View to the habour from the window
  • Aurora`s room incl. breakfast
  • Our house i the spring
  • Our entrance - welcome
  • There is a code lock on the door
  • Hallway
  • The stairs to 2.floor
  • Upstairs hallway
  • The hallway upstairs
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom - shower and bathtub - shampoo and conditioner available for you.
  • Detalj from the bathroom. Sea urchin picked in the area.
  • Detalj from the bathroom - Shells picked in the area.
  • Kitchen - here you can make food if you want.
  • Kitchen
  • Living room and our cat; Esmeralda
  • Aurora`s room incl. breakfast
  • Flowers
  • Flowers
  • You can borrow our bicycles
  • Our tree in the garden
  • Strawberry from our own garden
  • Wintertime - 22.december
  • Wintertime - 22.december
  • Frozen!
  • The first sun on the house after Polar night
  • One of our maps in the house. We love maps!
  • Our tree in the autumn
  • Aurora Borealis over Harstad
  • Harstad seen from one of the mountains nearby
  • You can borrow our cross-country ski.
  • Our home in the winter.
  • Our home in the winter
  • Fireplace in the livingrrom. NIce when it is cold outside.
  • Let it snow, let it snow. Our gardenhouse in ferbruary
  • February
  • February
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Our tree in the garden