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The living room
The living room
  • Bedroom with a double bed
  • the first room of studio, with a single bed.
  • another view of the first room
  • the entrance
  • The living room
  • Window of the room.
  • the bedroom with double bed
  • Another view of the bedroom with double bed.
  • The living room
  • The small kitchen
  • another view of the living room
  • Decorative.
  • the living room
  • The bathroom
  • the bathroom
  • the entrance of Porfyris studio
  • the entrance to the yard
  • The yard of studio "Porphyris"
  • Another view of the yard of studio "Porphyris"
  • the yard
  • The shared garden of our house.
  • the typical olive of our garden.
  • the garden
  • anonter view of the garden
  • the garden
  • The hostess Sisi and Vana.
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The living room