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Historic Leesburg location with so much more!

SupermajoittajaLeesburg, Virginia, Yhdysvallat
Koko huoneisto, jonka majoittaja on Bruce & Rachel
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Beautiful apartment within walking distance of restaurants and shops in historic downtown Leesburg.

Rachel and Bruce Roberts residence
Leesburg, VA 20176


We’re delighted to have you stay with us. After being an Airbnb host for the last few years a common question we get is, tell us about this house? With that, we thought we would share a writeup on the history of our home.

The original house was built in 1912 for the family that lived at 229 Edwards Ferry Rd (stone house that adjoins General George C Marshall’s home, Dodona Manor) when they decided they needed to move out of Town where they could have a larger house with a little more land. Interesting in 1912 moving out of Town entailed a block and a half move east! We’re not certain how large the original property was but believe it went from Edwards Ferry to Market Street to the south and east to the present Catoctin Circle. Currently the house resides on a little less than 2 acres.

The original owner was a blacksmith who operated out of the basement at the rear of the house. There is a fireplace in the basement that he presumably operated out of and as a walk out basement we assume wagons, horses for shoeing and other types of services were done out of the basement entrance.

As Leesburg evolved and the property changed hands, the property was sold off. Our assumption that the property to the east was part of the original property is based on the fact that houses on the south side of Edwards Ferry Rd are all much newer than ours while some of the houses on the north side are much older. Two of our daughters live in one house built in 1850 and other in 1899. Another interesting tidbit about the adjoining property is the original Leesburg airport was 2 blocks to the east. During it’s heyday radio star Arthur Godfrey, who lived just outside of town, flew his DC10 into the airport regularly. Finally, after years of complaints about the noise from the citizens of the Town, the airport was moved just south of Town on land donated by Arthur Godfrey in 1963.

We’re not certain how many owners there were between 1912? We’ve heard that the house had fallen into disrepair and served as a boarding house prior to being sold to our predecessors, Fred and Nancy Lininger in the early 70s. They added an addition to the house in 1976. The addition included the family room which is the large room to the right of the original house and the sunroom to the right of it. They also added the pool, gardens and retaining wall on both sides of the house. After 30 years, raising 2 children in the house the Liningers decided to retire to a retirement village in MD and thus began our ownership February 2000.

Over the course of our ownership we’ve made a lot of changes.

In 2004 we decided the avocado green kitchen appliances had to go. What started as a “simple” kitchen remodel turned out to be a 6-month ordeal. With 1.5-inch differential in the kitchen floor from one side to the other we recognized we had an issue. The fix, a big piece of steel in the basement to shore up the structure and then building a shimmed-up floor to bring the floor into level. That turned into a remodel of the basement that was no more than a cellar with stone walls and a somewhat concrete floor. While the construction was difficult, especially with four children and a temporary kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator in the sunroom at the end of the day it was worth the wait.

In 2008 we had forgotten about the trials and tribulations of construction so embarked upon another significant addition to the house. Interestingly the house only had 2 doors and 1 window that faced the backyard. We assume the reasoning in the early days was that the backyard served as the entrance to the owner’s business which with wagons, horses, etc. was likely unsightly. Later the fact that the property behind the house was a small engine repair and some other car service type businesses we can speak to firsthand when describing it as an eyesore. First Citizen Bank bought the adjoining property, built a beautiful bank and ultimately the view vastly improved. With that what began as let’s open the back of the house and add a deck turned into a 2-year major construction project. We added the apartment you’re staying in, a two-tiered deck, windows and doors across the back of the house, an extension to the kitchen, and the 3-car garage under the apartment. The only thing I’ll point out in the apartment is the floors. The wood is heart pine we purchased from a barn that was dismantled in Berryville, VA then had the logs milled into flooring. When the project was finished after 2 years of destruction and construction, we agreed, this was the last!

The apartment was envisioned for Rachel’s mother who lived just down the street as she grew older. Much like her daughter she was strong willed and despite our attempts she chose to stay in her home until she passed. With that, the apartment was empty for years except for an occasional guest. Friends of ours who do Airbnb in Edenton, NC urged us to give it a try a few years ago. We did, and we haven’t looked back. It truly has been wonderful meeting so many nice folks from around the world and to have them enjoy what we love about this location. A benefit when we bought the house we didn’t even consider was the location, being just a short walk to the charm of the shops and restaurants of historic downtown Leesburg that was founded in 1758.

We’ve loved being the keeper of this special place. We’ve raised 4 children (3 girls and a boy) here. We’re blessed that after college and a few years residing in different part of the country each of our daughters got married and moved back to Leesburg. Crazy as it sounds, all bought houses across the street from us. All three of our daughters had their wedding receptions in the backyard. As I mentioned two of our daughters live in houses older than ours and the third was built the same year as ours, 1912. Our son and his wife live in Raleigh, NC, her hometown. We ask ourselves regularly what two seniors are doing living in this large house but if you could see this place on Sunday evenings with our children and their families, including 11 grandchildren, for our weekly gathering the thought of being anywhere else just isn’t in the cards.
Beautiful apartment within walking distance of restaurants and shops in historic downtown Leesburg.

Rachel and Bruce Roberts residence
Leesburg, VA 20176


We’re delighted to have you stay with us. After being an Airbnb host for the last few years a common question we get is, tell us about this house? With that, we thought we would share a writeup on t…
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Leesburg, Virginia, Yhdysvallat

We're located in the historic district of Leesburg within walking distance to a charming downtown with numerous shops and restaurants.

Majoittaja: Bruce & Rachel

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Rachel and Bruce are Airbnb hosts in Leesburg, VA. They are parents of 3 daughters and a son and especially proud of their 10 soon to be 11 grandchildren.
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