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2 Blocks from Times Square, Centrally Located!

New York, Yhdysvallat
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Centrally-located, safe STUDIO apartment one block from the Theatre District and two blocks from Times Square. Well-connected to everything Manhattan has to offer—and all five Boroughs. Surrounded by countless bars, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, boutique shops, and attractions. Perfect for singles and couples, and small groups of up to five looking for affordable, yet chic, accommodations.



*****Apartment is being painted next week. Please excuse the handful of three years-worth of dings--thank you.*****

Respectfully, if you are considering booking with Airbnb—and you are doing so with high-end, premier luxury hotel expectations—please do not book this apartment and consider a hotel. However, if you understand the concept of Airbnb, please know that this apartment will have EVERYTHING you will need to enjoy your trip. As you can see from the reviews, virtually every guest has been completely satisfied with their experience and given a 5-star rating—some guests have even been repeat visitors.

This apartment is perfect for singles and couples, and they will find it very comfortable and intimate. Moreover, this apartment is also the perfect budget accommodation for small groups of three to five people. PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: Up to two people is PERFECT. Three is GREAT. Four is GOOD. Five is OKAY. More than five is VERY CRAMPED. New York City is a very expensive place when it comes to accommodations, among other things. This is why I have furnished the apartment in such a way to accommodate up to five people easily with a modest amount of room.

There is no centralized air conditioning and heating system, which is very common for New York City apartments. Therefore, during the months where it is hot, the apartment is equipped with a window air conditioning unit. Please be advised that, in addition to some common street noise (discussed below), noise will generate from the unit while it is running—it is by no means loud and intolerable, you will just notice it’s on.

The building is located near the corner of 47th Street and 9th Avenue.

The building is one block from the heart of the THEATER DISTRICT and two blocks from the heart of TIMES SQUARE.

This is one of THE MOST WELL-CONNECTED Airbnb’s in New York City. The closest metro stops are the C and E trains (located at 50th and 8th Avenue), and the 1-train (located at 50th and 7th Avenue). If you ride either of the aforementioned trains ONE STOP SOUTH, you will be at the 42ND STREET METRO HUB (access to A, C, E, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 7-trains). If you ride the 1-train OR C-train ONE STOP NORTH, you will be at the COLUMBUS CIRCLE/59TH STREET METRO HUB (access to A, C, B, D, 1-trains).

The building is a historic, landmarked townhouse (now converted into a multi-apartment building) in the heart of one of the BUSIEST NEIGHBORHOODS in New York City—Hell’s Kitchen. PLEASE NOTE: You will be subject to common street noise from locals and tourists alike. More often than not, guests have not found this to be a problem (per reviews). However, if you are a light sleeper, I suggest bringing earplugs.

You will also be surrounded (and steps away) from countless bars, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, attractions, and boutique shops—tons of activities in the immediate vicinity.

The apartment is a first-floor unit. It is a sunken townhouse entrance, so the “first floor” is about 3ft. (1m) down. There are two steps at the exterior front of the building that guests must walk up or down depending on whether they are entering or exiting the building. Although irrelevant given the previous, to be clear, guests will not have to walk up or down any staircases and or use an elevator.

The apartment is a STUDIO apartment. Specifically, it is a Manhattan/New York City studio apartment, which means that it is smaller than the average studio apartment anywhere else in the United States. However, for the area (and for New York City) it is one of the larger studio apartments you will find.

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS: There are four beds total—one queen-sized bed (sleeps two), two twin-sized (sleeps one) day beds, and one twin trundle bed. HOST PROVIDES sheets, pillows, and comforters (and a few extra blankets) for all beds.

BATHROOM: Equipped with towels, wash clothes, hair dryer.

PLEASE NOTE: Bedding, towels, and other essentials that guests use on their bodies is replaced once a month—everything is essentially brand new.

KITCHEN: Equipped with pans, cooking utensils, silverware, dishware, and glassware—the essentials. There are no measuring glasses or measuring spoons. HOST DOES NOT PROVIDE cooking ingredients, spices, or special cooking accommodations. Guests can use anything in the kitchen, including foods and ingredients, left by previous reservations.

ELECTRICITY & POWER OUTAGES: As I mentioned, the building is old (over 125 years old). Please DO NOT OVERLOAD THE OUTLETS. If there are too many things plugged in at one time, you will cause the circuit breaker to trip and that will result in a loss of electricity. However, DO NOT PANIC! Let me know immediately and I will get the circuit breaker switch turned back on. Do not spend any time looking for it in the apartment as it is not in the apartment, but somewhere else in the building that neither I nor you can access. I can typically have electricity restored for you in minutes. Again, not everything can be plugged in at the same time.

HEATING & FURNACE NOISES: As I mentioned, the building is over 125 years old and is pretty much original, specifically with regard to the pipes. The owners (not me) of the building have done nothing to update the pipes or the furnace (except fix random things). As a result, you may hear banging coming from below—that is the furnace turning on. The building controls the heating pipes (I cannot turn them off or on). However, I do provide a heating tower that you can use if you feel like the apartment is not warm enough. However, if you feel like the apartment is too warm, there is nothing I can do about that as I cannot turn off the heating pipes. I have left the A/C unit in the window so you can turn it on to counter the heat.

TELEVISION: Due to the fact that previous reservations have managed to break four televisions, Host no longer equips the apartment with a television.

COFFEE/TEA MAKER: I do not provide a coffee/tea maker, but there is a pot for heating water and pouring into instant coffee or for tea packets. I do not believe the plastic cups for instant coffee are good for the environment and would rather not contribute to the plastic issue. Moreover, 90% of guests don’t use the coffee. There is a bodega two buildings over and they sell big cups of coffee for around $2.00.

SMOKING: Guests may only smoke outside of the building. If smoking, PLEASE DO NOT stand in front of the gate, stand off to the side.

EARLY CHECK-IN (not earlier than 11:30am*) and LATE CHECKOUT (not later than 2:30pm*) is accommodated on a first requested, first accommodated basis. Earlier check-in and later checkout are available, but this depends on the previous/next reservations check-in/checkout time and if they asked before you—JUST ASK.

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GUESTS ONLY HAVE ACCESS to the apartment. Guests SHOULD NOT wander into the staircase foyer, up to any other floor, or into the basement. BY BOOKING, entire reservations agree to these terms and, if broken, waive their right to any legal or insurance claim.

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3. Guests are NOT PERMITTED to use the apartment for any type of extracurricular commercial activities or filming without the express, written approval of the Host.

4. The property manager checks the apartment in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings--randomly. PLEASE NOTE: Property manager will not enter the apartment without express permission from occupying guests, unless extenuating circumstances permits.

5. There is also HIDDEN SURVEILLANCE CAMERA on the outside of the apartment that monitors the flow of individuals in and out of the apartment.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: If these rules are broken, the Host WILL CANCEL your reservation immediately and WILL NOT issue a refund.

6. If a guest loses the keys or locks them inside the apartment, the guest is responsible for the costs associated with remediating the issue. This includes, but is not limited to, (1) paying for the property manager to Uber/Lyft from Queens (a roughly thirty-five minute ride) to the apartment (and back to Queens), (2) paying your own way to meet the property manager in Queens, or (3) (worst case scenario) paying for a locksmith to come out and “break the lock” (guests are liable for any fees associated with replacing the locks and keys as a result of “breaking the lock”).
Centrally-located, safe STUDIO apartment one block from the Theatre District and two blocks from Times Square. Well-connected to everything Manhattan has to offer—and all five Boroughs. Surrounded by countless…


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New York, Yhdysvallat

The apartment is located in the HELL’S KITCHEN neighborhood and is (basically) on the corner of 9th Avenue and 47th Street. If you walk TWO BLOCKS east, you will be in TIMES SQUARE and the THEATRE DISTRICT. The neighborhoods are safe, well-lit, and usually full of people.

With regard to its location in Hell’s Kitchen: The apartment is in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, surrounded by countless restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, boutiques, and other fun things to do.

With regard to its location as it pertains to Times Square: The apartment is one block west of the Theatre District and two blocks west of the heart of Times Square. On 47th Street (the street the apartment is on), there a several theatres that house popular shows.
The apartment is located in the HELL’S KITCHEN neighborhood and is (basically) on the corner of 9th Avenue and 47th Street. If you walk TWO BLOCKS east, you will be in TIMES SQUARE and the THEATRE DISTRICT. The…

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I am an avid traveler. I love immersing myself in any type of cultural experience. I am very open-minded and will try anything--foods, beverages, activities, etc.--at least once. I am a huge foodie, so when I travel I spend a considerable amount of time searching for establishments that offer unique, special, and/or local food options--I live for foods that are spicy, meaty, and full of carbs (I appreciate any recommendations). I was raised in a provincial town twenty minutes to the northeast of Orlando, FL. I am a law student currently living in Columbus, OH. As much as I love to go to bars, lounges, and nightclubs (with friends) as much as possible; I also enjoy going to the opera (I love the Metropolitan Opera in NY), the symphony, the ballet, and to art museums. Moreover, know how to ballroom dance. I am a respectful, clean person. I am also an Airbnb host, so I can appreciate the amount of time and work that goes into offering a great experience.
I am an avid traveler. I love immersing myself in any type of cultural experience. I am very open-minded and will try anything--foods, beverages, activities, etc.--at least once. I…
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