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5 Star Panoramic Ocean View (300㎡) luxurious seaside "Sky View Villa" with 4 rooms on the mountain top for up to 14 Perfect blue sea view from every room. BBQ; roof 300 sf yoga studio

Beautiful Sea Villa ("Kirei na Umi Villa") located on the hill in the leading resort area Onna Village on Okinawa is proud of the scenery like it is written in the villa's name.
【Rental hotel with the outstanding scenery】

A beautiful house with a spacious balcony over looking the panoramic view of the ocean and the sun set of Okinawa. Multi Million USD Villa - not an ordinary house.

This rental house with 3 bedrooms and 1 Japanese-style room can be booked entirely. Up to 14 people can be accommodated. We recommend to use it for groups of friends, big families or in another cases of large number of people.

Our house is located in one of the best and luxury location in Okinawa, call Onnason恩納村. Normally it takes less than 50 minutes by high way from the airport. Because the house is only 5 minutes off the high way, you can always got on the high way to go north area or south area. Please know the further you go north the more beautiful the beach and natural beauty area.

Located near Onna Beach " kaichudo " Sea Space Road is ,
Up to 14 are people Available in a spacious room .

The famous snorkeling spot
There is the location of the 8 -minute drive from the " Cave of the blue" .

*Large condominium with 4LDK layout is perfect for traveling large number of people.
*Large and easy to use kitchen--
We prepare basic kitchen utensils and tableware. Feel the true joy of stay in condominium preparing favorite groceries and cooking the way you like.
*Our vaunted bath with view on the 2nd floor--
Shower room is available on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor we installed a bath with view so you can enjoy shower room and bathing even if you travel as a group.
*We prepared nice washing machine and clothes dryer--
Since we equipped the washing/dressing room with washing machine and clothes dryer convenient for long stay or traveling groups please use them freely.
*BBQ gas stove is installed on the rooftop wooden deck--
Since you can use BBQ stove for free please easily enjoy preparing favorite food ingredients and arranging BBQ with family and friends. Please use table in sunroom during BBQ.

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恩納村字, 沖縄県, Japani

Extremely quiet area------please keep no loudly noise at night. Please

Best work environment and ultimate relaxation - we aimed to merge these two opposite things into one space, and that's how this resort office that enables you to achieve high performance in both pleasure and business came to being.

There is a super big mall that just opened, Aeon Mall Okinawa – only 15 KM from the house. It is probably the best place to go shopping with many shops offer Duty Free. The super market probably has the best sea food, beef, vegatable and Okinawa pork.

★ convenience store supermarket ★
5-minute drive from the Lawson Onna Moon Beach shop
5-minute drive from the FamilyMart Moon Beach front shop
2-minute drive to the local market
8-minute drive from the Alamo Resort Shopping Center

★ meal processing ★
A 5-minute walk from the Casa La Tida
Walk up to Ajisho Koraku 5 minutes
A 5-minute drive from the seaside drive-in
A 5-minute drive from the seafood restaurant Island
7-minute drive from the Teppanyaki Steakhouse jam
Onna | 5-minute drive from the dining & Awamori Bar Uraniwa
4-minute drive from the Blue Seal parlor Onna Village shop
4-minute drive from the Ashibina
3-minute drive from the Sailfish cafe
4-minute drive from the Teppanyaki Steak Ryu

Tourism ★ ★
A 3-minute drive away nakadomari ruins
8-minute drive from the blue cave snorkeling
4-minute drive from the Renaissance Beach
4-minute drive from Moon beach
6-minute drive from the whale watching possible marine sports shop

★ golf ★

Okinawa International Golf Club (score 3.8 points) 15 minutes by car
Di Atta Terrace Golf Resort (Score 4.2 points) 28 minutes by car
- Beauty, et al Orchard Golf Club (score 3.8 points) 29 minutes by car
- Ginoza Country Club (score 3.8 points) 31 minutes by car
Ocean Castle Country Club (score 3.5 points) 34 minutes by car
· [Prestigious] Tsutsumishu Kise Country Club (score 4.6 points) 39 minutes by car

16 minutes Higashiyama Country Club Car
· Zanpa 19 minutes with a golf club car
- Plateau Golf Club car in 20 minutes

Please search for "Tabata Ishikawa shop" in Navi ♪

★ Tabata (hardware store)
★ SANEI (supermarket)

Opposite side
★ Daiso (100 yen shop)

Please search for "GEO Ishikawa shop" in Navi ♪

★ McDonald's
★ rental DVD
★ bookstore
★ shoe store
★ tailor's shop
★ drugstore
★ Makkusubaryu

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ようこそ。ファミリー「イェー」のところへ。小さな愛情溢れる家族です。旅行、写真、音楽、ダイビング、ゴルフ など好きなものを一緒にしようと努力しています。そして偉大なる母の自然との時間を過ごそうと楽しく出かけています。ここでは皆様の家族全員楽しく心地いい時間を過ごすことができる夢のハウスになると思います。私達は皆様が最高の休みと最高の思い出を残せるよう最善の努力をしてまいります。 Hello there! We are a small, loving family. Traveling, photography, music, diving,golf, and spending quality time together are what we fond of. We also enjoy spending time out in mother nature. This house is a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy family time. We believe it will bring you the most relaxing time you deserve, and leave you full of wonderful memories. Hallo ~我們是一個小家庭 喜愛旅遊、攝影、音樂、潛水、高爾夫,及全家一起享受美好的大自然 這間恩納村的民宿是我們一家人放鬆心情、享受親子時光的好地方 希望它也可以讓許多人能在這兒度過輕鬆娛快的時光,留給大家美好的回憶。 안녕하세요. 저희는 '예'가족입니다. 작지만 사랑으로 살아가는 가족입니다. 여행, 사진, 음악, 다이빙, 골프 등 좋아하는 것들을 같이 하려고 노력하고 있어요. 그리고 되도록 자연에서 시간을 보내려 밖으로 나가길 즐겨합니다. 이 곳은 여러분 가족이 모두 즐겁고 편안한 시간을 가질 수 있는 최고의 집이 될 것입니다. 저희는 여러분이 최상의 편안함과 최상의 추억을 남길 수 있도록 최선을 다해 모시겠습니다.
ようこそ。ファミリー「イェー」のところへ。小さな愛情溢れる家族です。旅行、写真、音楽、ダイビング、ゴルフ など好きなものを一緒にしようと努力しています。そして偉大なる母の自然との時間を過ごそうと楽しく出かけています。ここでは皆様の家族全員楽しく心地いい時間を過ごすことができる夢のハウスになると思います。私達は皆様が最高の休みと最高の思い出を残せるよう…


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■ Since staff is not constantly present on the spot, please follow the following items.
※About way of check in, the accommodation facility will provide the information in in 1 week before the accommodation to the email provided at the moment of registration.
・Please be sure to arrive within check in hours. (latest time is 24:00)
· We do not accept reservations made by groups of minors only.
・Local people also live nearby so please refrain from producing noises and speaking at loud voice.
・Please pay the accommodation price in advance by credit card.
・We do not provide luggage custody service (including cases of sending luggage in advance before check in, after check out etc)
■ Since staff is not constantly present on the spot, please follow the following items.
※About way of check in, the accommodation facility will provide the information in in…

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  • Ehdon numero: Hotelleja ja majataloja koskeva liiketoimilaki | 沖縄県中部保健所 | H30-164
  • Kielet: 中文 (简体), English, 日本語
  • Vastausprosentti: 100 %
  • Vastausaika: vuorokauden sisällä
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