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3.5km from city, Private room with attached toilet

Yksityinen huone, talo, jonka majoittaja on Ar.Shivanshu
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Prime location. This charming house is outstanding value. Only a 3min walk from the trendy Norwood Parade with its cosmopolitan atmosphere & easy-going lifestyle. Clean, neat and tidy space. The perfect space for a solo traveler. Close proximity to shops, coles, foodland, movie complex, cafe's & restaurants. Only 10mins to CBD,Adelaide Oval, festivals, arts, entertainment, dining and shopping precincts.

The space

This room is outstanding value, cosy, comfortable and fully carpeted. The space is perfect for a solo traveler.

In room Full linen (pillows, towels, etc) provided. Extra pillows and blankets available. Other facilities include use of kitchenette dining, lounge, WIFI, bathroom and laundry facilities. Bathroom towels & basic amenities are also provided.

There is also access to a shared courtyard to enjoy some quite time with a cuppa and the paper or a good book.

Guest access:

- Kitchen: Guests can cook there meals. Provided: cooking basics - pots and pans and utensils oil, herbs, salt and pepper, pantry- storage, fridge access, dishes and silverware, microwave, oven, stove.

- Laundry: washing machine available.

- Bathroom: Clean and tidy modern bathroom. Toiletries Supplied (soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner).

- Off street parking available.

Once your booking is confirmed, please advise of your time of arrival. I will do my best to accommodate you. If you arrive outside of the pre-arranged time, please do not sit on our doorstep with your bags to wait. We request that you please wait somewhere nearby at a coffee shop until the agreed meet up time.

Note: If you would like to book for more than one month please send us a message

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Welcome to MY HOUSE
Welcome to my House. I am happy to be your host and am happy that you chose to stay with us. As you would be sharing the house with other house mates, it’s important that we get you up speed with some handshake points.
1. Please use your keys to enter the house. There is a spare key in the key box outside and if you use it, ensure to keep the keys back in the key box (Code shall be shared when required)
2. Both Screen doors (front Door and back door) have automatic closing springs and need to be close softly and slowly to avoid noise & damage to the screen and wooden doors.
3. Our House is a strict “NO SMOKING HOUSE “. No smoking in the house, Front yard or backyard.
4. If unsure of something please ask.
5. Keep kitchen clean
6. We share toilets and bathroom so would like that you keep the seat down after use, wipe with tissue and ready for next person to use. If you see any unclean areas after using the toilets / bathroom, please clean & keep it ready for use.
7. No long 15, 20, 30 or 45 min bath. It’s a shared bathroom and needless to say a Quick bath is appreciated.
8. Our electric geysers and are operated in the shower from the left knob. Please do not keep the water running for long and wait for the hot water. Collect the cold water in a bucket whilst waiting for hot water to start, we can use that cold water for watering plants, washing, mopping etc. Please do not waste water.
9. Dry the bathroom after use for next person to use. A mop and water drainer wiper is available for that.
10. Keep the door little open when you have taken the shower/ when you leave the bathroom (open at least a few inches) so that the walls don’t get mouldy due to the moisture.
11. Use your own soap, shampoo, hygiene items. If you wish to use your own toilet roll, feel free. If you are using the one in the toilet, use it well.
12. Keep washbasin dry after use. If you see any unclean areas, please clean them immediately
13. After cooking please ensure that you clean utensils used, mop the floor and clear any debris. We have a glass cooktop that runs on electricity so always switch off mains after cooking.
14. Oven/microwave if used, needs to be cleaned after each use. If unsure of how to clean, please ask. Please switch on/ off the plug of the microwave after use as its attached to a extension.
15. Please clean the mirror after brushing. Its takes only 10 sec.
16. Our washing machine is pretty complicated so seel help and use the quick wash option. We will appreciate that washing machine n clothes may be ironed only once a week, if staying lesser than a week, only once during the period of stay and within limits.
17. Keep the room clean at least once a week. We have a broom, dustpan available.
18. There is a Dustbin kept in your room, please ensure that you empty when it's full. Avoid putting any wet waste in the room dustbins. If you spot the room dustbins dirty, please give them a wash.
19. All dustbins are kept in the front and garbage is collected in them. Wednesday morning, Garbage goes out for collection. Green bin is for Greens, Yellow for Recyclables and Red for everything else
20. After you take a bath, Please ensure that you put your towel to dry outside on wire or the movable smaller clothes stands.
21. Please do not keep moist / dirty clothes in the room & ensure that the room windows are opened occasionally to let fresh air in and circulate air.
22. When you close the room, please open the window a few inches so that there can be circulation of fresh air in the room. We have had residents who have kept the window shut for days together, making the room stuffy and smelly.
23. If you charge laptops, computers, IPad, Phones etc., please do not leave them on charge unattended for long hours (1-2 hours or more), or keep them plugged overnight. We have had instances of residents plugging laptops on charge for entire day, or leaving / using room lights on the entire day or using Portable air conditioners / heaters (without our knowledge). Please be advised that in the case that the electricity, water bill exceeds the months threshold, you may be charged excess over and above the weekly / daily rate(proportionally)
24. Try and use natural light as compared to power / battery light.

And when in doubt, please feel free to ask. We hope you have a good stay here and treat this as your home away from home.
Prime location. This charming house is outstanding value. Only a 3min walk from the trendy Norwood Parade with its cosmopolitan atmosphere & easy-going lifestyle. Clean, neat and tidy space. The perfect space for a solo traveler. Close proximity to shops, coles, foodland, movie complex, cafe's & restaurants. Only 10mins to CBD,Adelaide Oval, festivals, arts, entertainment, dining and shopping precin…
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Norwood, Etelä-Australia, Australia

Majoittaja: Ar.Shivanshu

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Am an Architect by profession: Easy-Going and Cool person. Enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I believe in karma. Airbnb has been a platform to meet people and greet people from all walks of life, and I love it.
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