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It takes about 8 minutes from Asakusa station to our accommodation on foot.
The accommodation is a detached 3 story house and it's is very large enough to accommodate up to 16 people.
You are able to rent the whole accomodation.
(We also take care of your large baggage.)

Our accommodation is very suitable for long-stay visitors including families, friends, and couples because we provide daily necessities there.
"Our accommodation is located near Asakusa station.
You are able to conveniently get the direct trains from Narita airport/Haneda airport to Aasakusa station.
There are a lot of famous sight seeing spots including Senso-ji temple, Sumida park (this park is famous for its cherry blossoms), Tokyo Skytree within walking distance of our accommodation.
You are also able to access to Ueno and Akihabara from Aasakusa station by train within minutes."
There are convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and good ramen restaurants near the accommodation, so you have no trouble with daily eating and shopping for 24 hours.
You are able to lock/unlook the entrance door by the dial-pad at any time, so you don't have to carry a key with you.
We also have other several accommodations near Asakusa station, so we would be happy to provide you with a quote based on the number of your group.

Features of the Accommodation
There are living room, dining room, kitchin, toilets, and shower rooms on the first floor.
Our living room is so large that 16 people have lunch/dinner at the same time there, and the kitchen is full-fledged.
We installed air conditioners and floor heating, so you can spend comfortable time there."

The bed room, bathroom, toilets, and Manga (Japanese comic) corner are on the second floor.
The bed room has a small refrigerator and washstand.
We also have two shared washing machines and washstands.
A projector have been installed into the bed room, so you can enjoy watching videos including Youtube videos on the big screen ."

There are two rooms which have a small refrigerator, washstand, and toilet for each."

Sight seeing spots near the accommodation.
・Senso-ji temple (10-minute walk from the accommodation).
・Sumida park (3-minute walk). This park is famous for its cherry blossoms.
・Water bus stop (10-minute walk)
・Ueno Zoo, Ueno Musium (National Museum of Nature and Science) (5-minute walk)
・Tokyo Skytree & Sumida Aquarium (3-minute train ride)
・Tokyo Disney Resort (50-minite trainride/30-minute drive)

Shops and restaurants near the accommodation
・Seven-Eleven (convenience store) (3-minute walk)
・Maruetsu Petit (supermarket) (5-minute walk)
・There are many ramen restaurants near the accommodation.
・There are many Jinrikisha (rickshaws) and Kimono shops near the accommodation, too.

Traverl time from Asakusa station to other places
・Narita Airport (60-minute train ride)
・Haneda Airport (40-minute train ride)
・Tokyo Skytree (3-minute train ride)
・Ueno (5-minute train ride)
・Akihabara (13-minute train ride)
・Ginza (20-minute train ride)
・Shibuya (30-minute train ride)
・Shinjuku (30-minute train ride)
・Harajuku (40-minute train ride)
・Omote-Sando (30-minute train ride)
・Roppongi (30-minute train ride)
・Ikebukuro (30-minute train ride)
・Daiba (40-minute train ride)
・Tsukiji (20-minute train ride)
・Toyosu-shijo (Toyosu-market) (60-minute train ride)
・Ko-kyo (The Imperial Palace) (30-minute train ride)

Our services
・Transportation service to Narita Airport/Haneda Airport/Tokyo Disney Resort
・Guided tour to Mt. Fuji by a chartered car (If there are any other places you want to go, please feel free to contact us)
・We keep your baggage until your check-in time, and after check-out time.
・We lend Suica card (prepaid transportaiton cards) (for adults only)
・If you have any other questions or requests, please feel free to contact us

Our counter measures against COVID-19
・You are able to rent the whole accomodation, so you can avoid contact with other people. Our accommodation has many windows, so it is well ventilated.
・We would like to ask you to take your shoes of before you come into the accommodation in order to keep the inside clean.
・In addition to usual room cleaning, we especially sterilize exposed metal parts such as doorknobs.
・We provide you high-grade and clean linen at the accommodation.
・We also provide you anti-bacterial sprays and hand wipes for free.
・Our accommodation also is equipped with air clreaner with humidifier.

Floor plan of the accommodation

"First floor (45㎡)
Entrance, suitcase storage, living room with floor heating, kitchen, toilets, washstands, and shower rooms."

"Second floor (45㎡)
Bed rooms (20㎡) with small refrigerators, washstands, and 6 sets of futons (Japanese traditional bedding), toilets, bathroom (3.3㎡), dressing room with two washing machines and washstands, balcony, and storage space.
(You can enjoy videos including Youtube videos on the big screen using a projector (pop in aladdin)."

"Third floor (45㎡)
Two bedrooms (16㎡/room) with small refrigerators, washstands, toilets, and five futons (Japanese traditional bedding) for each room."

Internet service
Wireless LAN (indoor)
Pocket Wifi (You can carry it around outside)

Household appliances
・Kitchen (IH cooking heater, refrigerator, high-spec microwave oven, rice cooker, dishdryer)
・Living room (TV, Laptop PC, Color printer, portable battery charger for smartphone, vaccume cleaner)
・Washstand (two drum type washers/dryers, two hairdryers)

・All rooms are air-conditioned.
・There are tree toilets on each floor.
・Fire extinguishers

・Kitchen (Kitchen knives, dishes, cooking devices, condiments)
・Washstand (disporsable toothbrushes, bath towels, face towels, laundry detergent)
・Bathroom (shampoo, conditioner, body soap)

Please feel free to use the accommodation widely

Hotelleja ja majataloja koskeva liiketoimilaki | 東京都台東保健所 | 31台台健生環き第10121号

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※海外から帰国される方で15日間の自主隔離が必要な方、電車、バス、タクシー等公共交通機関が利用できない方、当社の大型ハイヤーで空港へのお迎えや生活のサポートも可能ですのでお気軽にお問合せください。また、予算についてもご相談ください。送迎のみも可です。送迎費用を宿泊費用に含めてGoToトラベル割引をご利用すると大変お得です。 私どもはコロナ禍が始まって以来、大変な思いで帰国された方に快適に過ごして頂くためのサービスと備品の改善改良を続けてまいりました。 不明な点やご要望がございましたらご遠慮くなくお問合せください 一時帰国の方への特別プラン ・帰国時の空港お迎え ・宿から次の目的地までの送迎 ・テレワーク用PCデスク、モニター貸し出し ・その他ご要望がございましたらお気軽にお問合せください ※有償の物もありますのでお問合せください ※帰国される方へ 自主隔離施設がいわゆる民泊施設ですと空港から移動許可が下りないことがあります。 私の物件はすべて民泊許可ではなくホテルと同じ旅館業許可のため、空港での書類に施設名を記入して頂ければ移動許可が下ります。また、移動手段は自家用車・レンタカー・ハイヤーのみ許可がおりますが、当社はハイヤーがありますので空港までお迎え可能です。 検査結果が出てから一時間程度でお迎えも可能です。陽性結果が出てしまった場合キャンセル料は頂きません。不明な点がありましたらお気軽にお問合せください。自主隔離期間でもなるべく楽しい滞在になるよう全面的にサポートいたします! ※結婚式など冠婚葬祭で当館をご利用のお客様は駅や空港、式場への送迎も可能です。お荷物が多い、お子様や年配の方が同行される場合はぜひハイヤーをご利用ください。 Hello I am Yoshi Especially welcome family guests because we have two kids,girl and boy. I can rent to you stroller,kids chair,crib,child seat in van and list of kids play spot ,restaurant list recommend for family. I can help best and memorable trip for your group in Japan! about our service -I can pickup and drop off Airport,Disney land,other place if you do not staying in my house(Max 9 persons and suitcase and we can keep your luggage in van). -we can keep and move your luggage from airport,other Hotel,all place in Tokyo(we can keep your luggage long time when you go other place in Japan) -one day charter(Tokyo or Mt.Fuji and other area,very flexible) if you have some questions and need some service about your trip please let me know. I will reply as soon as possible. (please search for 'Tokyo airport express transfer') สวัสดีครับ ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักนะครับ ผมชื่อ Akkun ครับ ผมพูดภาษาไทยได้ แต่บางทีอาจจะตอบเมสเสจช้าหน่อย ต้องขอโทษด้วยนะครับ Airbnb代行します スーパーホスト歴6年以上のキャリアを活かした清掃代行、英語、中国語(繁体・簡体)、タイ語、日本語でのメール応対、ゲストに喜ばれる備品や設備についてのアドバイス、旅館業許可書を取得して合法的にAirbnbを運用する方法のマニュアルもありますので興味のある方はお気軽にご連絡ください. また、当社はハイヤー会社も運営しております。成田羽田の空港送迎、富士山一日プライベートツアーなども外国人のお客様より好評を得ております。 airbnbホスト様、宿泊施設のオーナー様向け特別プランもございますのでご興味のある方は'Tokyo airport express transfer富士観光'で検索してご連絡ください。 また、清掃と送迎ドライバーのスタッフを募集しておりますので待遇や条件等お気軽にお問い合わせください。 Hi I'm Yoshi I was born in Chiba prefecture 1982. I live in Sumida ward near from Skytree and biggest Geisha and Japanese restaurant "Ryotei" town Mukojima with my wife and girl and boy with parents-in-low. my hobby trip... Domestic and overseas I visited toTaiwan,China,Macau,Hong kong,CA,Guam,Hawaii,Canada,Mexico,Thailand,Vietnam,Newzealand,Palau,Jordan,Germany,Korea...etc. motor cycle and boats... I have a license of motorcycle and boats. sometime I Cruising Tokyo bay and Sumida river. and motorcycle touring in holiday. foods and cooking I can make the Sushi and Japanese home cooking and local Junk food. When we have some spare time let's cooking Japanese foods! drink I love beer,wine,whiskey,Sake,if you interesting in Japanese alcohol I can advice to you. motto of the host if guests enjoy in Tokyo and comfortable stay in my house, I am very glad.
※海外から帰国される方で15日間の自主隔離が必要な方、電車、バス、タクシー等公共交通機関が利用できない方、当社の大型ハイヤーで空港へのお迎えや生活のサポートも可能ですのでお気軽にお問合せください。また、予算についてもご相談ください。送迎のみも可です。送迎費用を宿泊費用に含めてGoToトラベル割引をご利用すると大変お得です。 私どもはコロナ禍が始まって以…

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