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[Isolation after entering JPN] [APT pickup ] AS03

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Supermajoittajat ovat kokeneita, hyvät arviot saaneita majoittajia, jotka ovat sitoutuneita tarjoamaan mahtavia majoittumisia vierailleen.
Hyvä sisäänkirjautumiskokemus
100 % viimeaikaisista vieraista antoi sisäänkirjautumismenettelylle 5 tähden arvion.
Voluntary isolation and long-term stay welcome upon entry
Consecutive stay discount: 20% OFF for 1 week or more
Last minute discount: 10% off after 3 days before arrival
Early Discount: 10% off 1 month ago.
(Each discount is until June 30, 2021)

[Pets can stay]
Limited to small species of 1.5 kg or less.
2. Please wear diapers for pets indoors.
3. 3. After check-in, an additional 1,000 yen per night and an additional cleaning fee (3,000 yen) will be charged.
4. We accept free rental of gauges.

[Ideal for remote work]
It is equipped with high-speed Wi-fi and is suitable for remote work. There is a convenience store and supermarket nearby, and a drum type washer/dryer is also equipped, making it suitable for long-term stays. There is also a TV game to take a break.

[Sophisticated Scandinavian room]
It is a room with a natural and clean Scandinavian interior. Sleeps up to 4 people.

[Convenient for families]
Baby cot, baby car and baby chair are available free of charge. It is safe for families with children. There are also video games and toys, so you can use them freely.

[Pickup service from the airport]
We will arrange an airport pick-up service (charged) by a professional company. It reduces the burden of movement.

[Center of Asakusa Six Wards]
It is located in the center of Asakusa Roku Ward, one of Japan's leading tourist destinations. Please enjoy the deep environment of Asakusa.

[Equipped with Wi-Fi without usage restrictions]
・ You can use NTT Hikari's high-speed Wi-Fi, which allows you to enjoy videos without stress, for free.
・ You can rent a convenient pocket Wi-fi when you go out. (Rental fee: 500 yen / day)

[1 minute walk from the nearest station]
It is a good 1-minute walk from Exit A of Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express Line, and a 10-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

[Full amenities]
We have a full range of cooking utensils and home appliances necessary for daily life.

・Strollers, cribs and baby chairs will be provided free of charge. Please tell us if necessary.
・Slippers are available, so feel free to use them.
-We have the necessary cooking appliances and equipment such as rice cookers and microwave ovens.

[Building and elevator]
It is a 5-story apartment type room. We are very sorry, but there is no elevator.

[Floor plan]
・25Km floor plan for 1K.
・Bedroom, kitchen, bath and toilet.

・There is one double bed and double size mattress. The double bed mattress is a Sealy luxury mattress.
・There are video games other than TV, so feel free to use them. Free.
・It is fully equipped with air conditioning.

・Fridge, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, electric kettle, etc. are available, so feel free to use them.
・In addition, we also have general tableware and cooking utensils for children.
・Equipped with a washing machine. We also have tools for hanging laundry.

・There is an automatic water heater so you can tap hot water with the push of a button.
・Body soap and shampoo are also available, so feel free to use them.
・There is a hairdryer.

-The toilet seat has a washlet and a warm seat function.

・We will prepare face towels and bath towels for the number of people.
・Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, etc. are available, so feel free to use them.
・Laundry detergent and softener are available, so feel free to use them.

[Smoking space]
・Since there is a smoking area on the balcony, please smoke there. The room is completely non-smoking. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Taito City, Tōkyō-to, Japani

[Atmosphere of the surrounding area]
Although the area around this room is close to the downtown area of ​​Asakusa Roku Ward, it is a very quiet environment at night so you can sleep slowly. There are many sightseeing spots in Asakusa, such as Sensoji Temple and Hanayashiki, all within walking distance. Also, there are restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets that represent Asakusa, so it is convenient for dining and shopping.

[Nearest station]
The nearest station is Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express Line. It is a 1-minute walk from Exit A of this station. In addition, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Asakusa Station" is also a 10-minute walk. It is a convenient location for sightseeing as it is easy to access sightseeing spots in Tokyo and shopping spots such as Shinjuku.

[Nearby tourist spots]
・Hanayashiki: 240m 3 minutes walk
・Asakusa Rock Theater: 240m, 3 minutes walk
・ Sensoji Temple: 300m 4 minutes walk
・Nakamise Dori: 600m, 7 minutes walk
・Kaminarimon: 800m, 10 minutes walk
・Hoppy Street: 350m, 4 minutes walk

[Peripheral shops]
・Convenience store "LOWSON": 75m, 1 step on foot
・Supermarket “Life”: 80m, 1 minute walk
・Drug store "Universal drug": 120m, 1 minute walk
・Discount store "Don Quixote": 220m, 3 minutes walk
・100 yen shop "Silk": 110m, 1 minute walk

[Nearby restaurants]
(Posted the super famous stores featured in the media)
・Yakiniku "Hon Satoya": 250m, 3 minutes walk
・Sushi "Kuichi": 350m, 4 minutes walk
・Ramen "Ichiran": 500m, 6 minutes walk
・Izakaya "Sho-chan": 270m, 3 minutes walk
・Okonomiyaki Monja "Tsurujiro": 650m, 8 minutes walk
・Edomae Tendon "Masaru": 800m, 10 minutes walk
・Western restaurant "Yoshikami": 400m, 5 minutes walk
・Unagi "Asakusa Unatsu": 240m, 4 minutes walk
・Sukiyaki "Yoneku Main Store": 70m, 1 minute walk
・Soba "Namiki Soba": 800m, 10 minutes walk
・Tonkatsu "Yutaka": 500m, 6 minutes walk
・Cafe "Umezono": 650m, 8 minutes walk
・Chinese food "Ryuen": 250m, 3 minutes walk

Majoittaja: Chisaki

Liittyi toukokuu 2017
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Chisakiです! お部屋を見て見て頂き、ありがとうございました! 私は東京生まれ東京育ちです。 小学校の時は親の転勤で北海道でも生活していました。 北海道にいた時はスキーが好きで、冬は毎週スキーに行っていました。 今は、中学校に入ってからは音楽が好きになり、吹奏楽部に入りました。 サックスが得意です。 週末はお友達と美味しい料理を食べたり、カフェに行ったりするのが好きです。 ご希望あれば美味しいお店を紹介したいと思います。 I am Chisaki! Thank you for seeing the room! I was born and raised in Tokyo. When I was in elementary school I lived in Hokkaido due to my parent's transfer. When I was in Hokkaido I liked skiing and went to ski every week in winter. Now, since I entered junior high school I became fond of music and entered the brass band. Saxophone is good at it. On weekends I like to eat delicious food with my friends and go to cafe. I would like to introduce delicious shops if you wish. 这是Chisaki! 我们找找看,谢谢! 我在东京出生在东京和提高。 当小学一直生活在北海道的转移父。 当我在北海道不喜欢滑雪,冬季打算每周去滑雪。 现在,由于初中伊始便喜欢音乐,就进入了铜管乐队。 萨克斯是好的。 周末或吃朋友好吃的,我喜欢去网吧。 我想,如果你想给你介绍好吃的店。 Chisaki입니다! 방을보고 받고, 감사합니다! 나는 도쿄 출생 도쿄 성장입니다. 초등학교 때 부모의 전근으로 홋카이도에서도 생활하고있었습니다. 홋카이도에있을 때는 스키를 좋아하고, 겨울은 매주 스키에 가서했습니다. 지금은 중학교에 들어 와서는 음악을 좋아하게 취주악 부에 들어갔습니다. 색소폰에 좋다. 주말에는 친구들과 맛있는 음식을 먹고 카페에 가거나하는 것을 좋아합니다. 희망 있으면 맛집을 소개하고 싶습니다.
Chisakiです! お部屋を見て見て頂き、ありがとうございました! 私は東京生まれ東京育ちです。 小学校の時は親の転勤で北海道でも生活していました。 北海道にいた時はスキーが好きで、冬は毎週スキーに行っていました。 今は、中学校に入ってからは音楽が好きになり、吹奏楽部に入りました。 サックスが得意です。 週末はお友達と美味しい料理を食べたり、カフェに行った…
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Oleskelusi aikana
Since this facility is an unmanned facility, we generally do not meet with the host, but we will do our best to respond by message, so we do not know, introduction of shops, how to go to sightseeing spots etc. Please feel free to message us.
Also, please be assured that you will be able to rush immediately in the event of an unexpected situation or emergency.
Since this facility is an unmanned facility, we generally do not meet with the host, but we will do our best to respond by message, so we do not know, introduction of shops, how to…
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  • Kielet: English, 日本語
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  • Vastausaika: tunnin kuluessa
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