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Your home in Paradise!
Lagoinha Beach House in Paraipaba - Fortaleza - CE

A large and spacious house, complete with swimming pool, deck with barbecue and much more for your family.

50m from the belvedere square, near pharmacy, grocery store - located on the street that goes down to the beach.

Four bedrooms (2 suites with air), full kitchen with all utensils, furnished living room, deck with swimming pool, barbecue, wood stove and ample space.

All bathrooms have water pressure pressurizers and heated showers.

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Paraipaba, Ceará, Brasilia

Central, almost opposite the Mirante and a few meters from the central Church square.

Lagoinha Beach sights
Lagoinha beach has much more than a typical tropical setting. In addition to a landscape composed of a sea of ​​green waters in the shape of a half-moon, surrounded by a wide strip of fine sand, the village has some almost obligatory stops for travelers who want to explore the 15 km of the region.

- The lookout:
Covered in wood and well wooded, the Lagoinha viewpoint is located in the upper part of the village, and is the ideal place to photograph the panoramic view of the beach. In a kind of suspended walkway, colorful umbrellas decorate the environment. Here, you can enjoy the sea, the dunes and the long stretch of sand, in addition to enjoying a good drink, snacking and hiring a buggy or quad bike ride.

- The Christ:
The religious monument, known as the “Christ's viewpoint”, is the ideal place to replenish energy, pray and admire the view. To get there, travelers can hire a buggy or quad bike ride, but if they prefer, they can walk along the sand strip.

- Colored sand cliffs:
Absolutely fascinating, the place has a unique beauty. Amidst the cliffs, the colored sands stand out in the environment and provide beautiful photos to visitors.

- Fountain of Youth:
Named 'fountain of youth' by countrymen due to the fresh water that sprouts in some parts of the place, the place enchants tourists who take the opportunity to drink a little of the liquid. According to the superstition told by tour guides, couples who drink from the water will never be apart.

- Morro do Carequinha:
Affectionately nicknamed by the region's residents, due to its resemblance to the Morro do Careca on Ponta Negra beach, in Rio Grande do Norte, Morro do Carequinha is the ideal place for tourists who enjoy adrenaline. At the site, it is possible to go down the hill by quad bike or buggy, in addition to taking videos and photos.

- Lagoa do Jégue:
Located after Morro do Carequinha, Lagoa do Jégue is frequented by lovers of kitesurfing, and has salty and shallow waters with mild temperatures.

- Natural lookout:
Located among the dunes, the natural lookout provides a breathtaking view. Tranquility is not lacking in this place.

- Almecegas Lagoon
The Lagoa das Almecegas is the ideal place for swimming in fresh water and boating. The environment is pleasant and well wooded, making it a great option for those looking to rest in one of the hammocks available on site, even set up in the water. Typical food, drinks and craft stalls make up the point.

Porto Velho beach
A few steps from the shore, Porto Velho beach, as it is known by its inhabitants, is located on the right side, after the orange sand hill, Lagoinha's postcard.

Stones, coconut trees, rafts, small natural pools and spouts make up the look of the place famous by fellow countrymen and visitors due to the calm. The place is ideal for those who want to reconnect with nature, replenish their energy and watch the sunset by the sea.

Lagoinha Beach: water sports
In addition to an excellent sea to practice 'nadismo', Lagoinha offers some options for lovers of extreme water sports – Surf, Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddle.

- Surf
On the beach, tourists can rent the instrument, if they already know how to surf, or if they want to learn. Rent costs R$80 per hour.

- Kitesurfing
To practice the sport on the beach, tourists will have to pay R$ 180 per hour.

- Stand UP Paddle
The practice of the sport on the beach costs R$ 100 per hour.

Lagoinha Beach Tours
For fun lovers with a dash of adrenaline, the tours available in Lagoinha are essential. The tours are accompanied by tour guides who present the place in a relaxed and good-humored way, always striving for safety and the travelers' great experience. There are three options for venturing on the beach: buggy, quadricycle and motorized hang glider.

- Buggy
The buggy ride costs an average of R$ 180.00, lasting from 1 hour and 30 minutes to two hours. Among the stops are the Cristo, the Mirante, the Ecological Trail with native vegetation, the cliffs with colored sands, the Morro do Carequinha, the Lagoa do Jégue and the Lagoa das Almécegas.

- Quadricycle
The quad bike ride costs an average of R$ 120.00, lasting 1 hour, and 10 minutes of tolerance. Among the stops are the Cristo, the Mirante, the colored sand cliffs, the Fountain of Youth, the Morro do Carequinha, the Jégue Lagoon, the Trairí River and the Almécegas Lagoon.

- Motorized Delta Wing
The Motorized Hang Gliding tour gives visitors a different angle to appreciate the paradisiacal beauty of the place. The flight supervised by instructor Ramon Lopes does not have a timed time, and the values ​​vary according to the route: R$ 150 - Lagoa das Almecegas route, and R$ 250 - Porto Velho beach route.

(Values ​​may vary)

Lagoinha Beach: what to do at night?
Lagoinha is a typical countryside place. Hot nights and excitement are not part of the place's particularities. The nightlife on the beach is restricted to restaurants, bars, pizzerias, açaiterias, ice cream parlors and snack bars, mostly located in the upper part of the village, around the main square.

Amidst the tranquility, the seafront is the most frequented point at night. Snacking, walking or setting up a hammock are some of the options available to enjoy the place. For those looking for a livelier schedule, two alternatives are available in the coastal region.

On Saturday nights, restaurants located in front of the waterfront, rotate pasta and seafood, with live acoustic music.

In another restaurant, located in the upper part of the village, next to the colorful staircase, Friday and Saturday nights there is live music, in a pleasant atmosphere with a panoramic view.

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