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ANGLES - My Proud Havana

SupermajoittajaLa Habana Vieja, La Habana, Kuuba
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ANGLES, apartment located a few steps away from the Plazuela del Angel. Modernity and confort combined in a city greater than centuries. Its design constrats with the entourage, the present within the future, the contemporary within the old.

Buy a basket of fruits and/or water and beverages and/or internet hours in advance! Ask me to know how it works!

You could access Internet through out the WiFI network at the apartment but you will always need to buy the Internet Cards.

Apartment located in a third floor (60 steps) of an Old building two steps away from the Plazuela del Angel. Please try to travel light, or let us know if you are carrying too much weight to have some help waiting for you.
If you wish, we can supply you with fruit, soda and beers upon arrival. Payment can be made by Airbnb or cash upon arrival

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BASKET OF FRUITS. The basket of fruit is sold $10 US. It consists of tropical fruits of the season specially chosen for you. You can pay in advance to have it ready for your arrival through Airbnb or Google pay! You can pay cash the same amount in CUC upon arrival for an availability the next day after check-in!
WATER AND BEVERAGES. You can order a package of 6 1500 ml water bottles pour 10 CUC. You can also order a 5 beer package also for 10 US dollars (brand according to availability), or the can sparkling softdrink for $1 US. You can pay in advance to have it ready for your arrival through Airbnb or Google pay! You can pay cash the same amount in CUC upon arrival for an availability the next day after check-in! This purchase will be added to the bottle of water that your host will provide free of charge for your arrival!
5 HOURS INTERNET CARD: As it is explained in our profile, there is only one way to access the internet through WiFi in Cuba: one national platform accessed with permanent or temporary username and password. We now give you the possibility to buy in advance a 5 hours internet card that you can use through Wi-Fi in our apartment or almost anywhere else during your stay in Cuba. You can pay in advance to have it ready for your arrival through Airbnb or Google pay! You can pay cash upon arrival for an availability the next day after check-in! This purchase will be added to the internet hour that your host will provide free of charge for your arrival!

MOBILE PHONE WITH LOCAL LINE at your disposal: Your host will lend you upon request a cellphone with a local line for you to use it during your stay in our apartment. You only need to let us know in advance. You will only have to refill it in order to make calls, send text messages and access 3G internet data everywhere you are. If you would like us to refill it for you in advance, please let us and you will have to pay 12 US dollars for a 10 CUC value refill. You can also pay 12 CUC cash upon arrival.

CLEANING: The cleaning is made in a daily basis, but frequently the person in charge will take a day off the day after the arrival of new guests. The name of the person in charge of the cleaning is Dunia, and she lives in the same building, at number 15 (different entrance), and she is available in case guests needed some extra supply (towels, sheets, toilet paper).
REST ROOM: The plumbing of the apartment is new, but the building’s is not, therefore the plumbing of the building does not fulfill modern standards end does not admit, as pipes have never admitted in Cuba, the evacuation of toilet paper, sanitary napkins, waste, condoms, etc. It is forbidden to throw any of these objects into the WC. Please use the basket.
TOWELS AND SHEETS: There will be only one set of towels per incoming client and one set of sheets for the full size bed. This aims to avoid unnecessary use. The twin bed will not be dressed with sheets unless the guest specifically requests it in advance or at the time of check-in. However, at all times there will be clean sheets and towels available at Dunia’s, as well as toilet paper and extra soap. So if you more of any of these supplies just contact the owner or knock at Dunia’s and request it at any time. It is forbidden to use the towels to clean your shoes or to take them to the beach.
LAUNDRY SERVICE: There is a laundry service available upon request. Ask Dunia or call the owner. The apartment is not suited for washing your clothes so the only possibility is to request this service. If you need to wash or clean your shoes, you will have to use a brush located under the sink. In any case you can use the towels to clean your shoes. It is forbidden to take the towels to the beach.
KITCHEN: The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwaves oven, a gas cooker, an American coffee maker, an Italian coffee maker, cookware, knifes, tableware, cutlery, glasses, opener, cooking pots, frying pans, etc.
BEVERAGES AND FOOD: Your host will make sure that every guest receives a 500 ml bottle of water upon arrival, if there is no water, demand it to the person who welcomes you. You will also fin at the apartment ground coffee, sugar, salt, oil and pepper. You will need to buy every other food and beverages necessaries for your stay in a close by market. Ask for a market’s location to the person that welcomes you.
WATER: The running water is officially drinkable, however the health authorities recommend to boil it for three minutes before drinking it, but it is still a very hard water that could cause digestive system disarrangements before getting fully adapted to it. Therefore we advise all our guests to buy and drink natural bottled water exclusively. Your host will provide a 500 ml bottle of water per client for your arrival. For the rest, you have cold and hot water in the kitchen and the bathroom. It is forbidden to wash any clothes at the apartment.
ROOFTOP TERRACE: You can access the rooftop terrace at any time, but you should make sure not to disturb the neighbors when going up, you should not make any noise and it is forbidden to go to the terrace naked or wearing underwear. You cannot remain naked or wearing underwear inside the apartment when the balconies doors or the front door are open. If any neighbor complaints or calls the police, you and most of all your host will be in troubles.
SMOKING: The areas destined to smoking are the balconies and the rooftop terrace. You should not smoke inside the apartment.
AIR CONDITIONING: There is a Split system air conditioner for the whole apartment. Should it not cool properly, please let your host know. I you are spending a short time outside the apartment leave it on so it is cool when you come back. If you are spending more than one hour outside the apartment you should turn it off, not to waste energy nor shorten the life of the appliance. In any case you should smoke inside the apartment with the air conditioner on.
INTERNET: In ANGLES apartment you will be able to access through a Wi-Fi network connected to an ADSL modem to the national internet platform NAUTA. Very few locations offer this possibility. The NAUTA platform provides Internet access in the whole country in public Wi-Fi areas, in some houses through ADSL connection, and in surfing cyber rooms. It is the only official internet access service in the country and works with NAUTA Internet cards sold by ETECSA, the telecommunications Company, for any of the Access variants. Your host will do his best to provide you upon arrival with a one hour Internet card for your first connection as long as they are available in ETECSA selling points, sometimes they are hard to find. The rest of the cards for future connections must be bought by the guests at any of ETECSA’s selling points. Ask your host where to buy them.
CHECK-IN: Check-in time is 4 pm. The presence of guests is mandatory for registration purposes in the guests’ book and to receive the apartment. The owner or an employee will be there to welcome you, to remind you some of the rules of the house, and to provide you with some useful information. If you arrive before 4 pm to the city, you can use to use an early check-in service provided by Dunia in her house. If you are not getting on time for the check-in at 4 pm, you must notify your host the time of arrival. Whether you will be arriving at four o’clock or later, you host or the employee will only wait for two hours after your chosen check-in time. In case of mishap, please do your best to inform your host.
CHECK-OUT: Check-out time is noon at the latest. If you have to spend more time in the city you can request to keep your luggage at Dunia’s for a fee. If the host or the employee do not tell you know that one of them will be present at check-out, just leave the keys on the counter and close the door when going out, they will check short after you have left.
EARLY CHECK-IN or LATE CHECK-OUT: The apartment does not meet the conditions to ensure this service in it without affecting it’s preparation between reservations. However, Dunia and her family who live in the first floor of the same building but in a different door (number 15), will agree to keep the belongings of guests needing late check-out or early check-in for a fee. In order to use this service please request it in advance.
TELEVISION: At the apartment there is a 32 inches LCD TV set compatible with the national Cuban television. The television signal is digital broadcasted by air and there are 9 free national public channels. On the TV the option Televisión Digital Áerea (Air Digital Television) must always be chosen as entry mode. There are no services of cable, satellite or Internet TV in Cuba.
VISITORS AND EVENTS: Occasional visitors are not allowed for any purposes. Only declared and registered guests will be admitted. Parties and gatherings are not allowed. The guests cannot make noise. Your host could be fined because of you.
COMMUNICATION: If you want to contact the host you can use the land line available at the apartment and dial the number on the card that will be given to you when you arrive putting a 0 before the 5 and without dialing the country code (+53). If you need to receive calls during your stay please ask us in advance the phone number and forward it to the person who will call you.
General information: You will receive general information on the apartment, the neighborhood and some other of interest upon arrival. You will always have the possibility to contact the host by phone to request further information.
Places of interest: Public Wi-Fi areas, ATM’s, banks and other places of interest appear on the Map your host will provide you with.
Money Exchange: Credit and debit cards issued by US banks will not Work in Cuba. VISA and MasterCard cards issued by a non US institution will Work in Cuba. Please let your bank know that you are travelling to Cuba so it does not block your card as a security measure. Please think of bringing enough cash and take into account that the exchange of US dollar bills is affected, besides the normal bank commissions, by an extra 10% penalty charge.
POWER SUPPLY: The apartment is equipped with 110 volts and 220 volts power plugs complying with US and Europe standards. The guest is responsible for plugging appliances in the right plugs. All the 110 volts plugs are located to the left, and all the 220 V plugs are located to the right. Besides that, they all have 110 V and 220 V tags on, as well as the appliances.
KEYS AND SECURITY: The apartment ANGLES has 2 doors giving access to common spaces. The entrance door through which you access the apartment at the end of the stairways and the exit door to the rooftop leading to the terrace. The rooftop terrace is a common area of the building but it is practically used exclusively by the guests. The entrance door to the apartment has two locks, one is a code lock and the other one a conventional key lock. The main door of the building also has a key lock and can also be opened from the apartment by video doorbell. The door to the rooftop is locked with a key from the inside and it is permanently in the lock to avoid losing it. You will receive a set of keys including 1 key for the door of the building and one key for the second lock of the entrance door to the apartment. Losing the keys implies the payment of a 50 CUC penalty.
VIDEO DOOR BELL: Your host has installed a video doorbell at the entrance door of the building for the 4 existing apartments. This allows to see who is ringing at the door from each apartment and open it. It also helps from leaving the entrance door open if we are expecting someone, and also prevents visitors of our neighbors from having to cry out for someone to throw them a key. To avoid being bothered, you can completely shut off your video doorbell station by turning off a switch located at the kitchen (number 6).
IRONING: You will have Access to an iron, to be connected to 110 Volts power supply, so you can iron your clothes. As you will most certainly iron on the bed, you should do your best not to burn it. Don’t forget to plug it to 110 volts power supply.
UMBRELLAS: There will be two umbrellas at your disposal at the apartment so can go out when it is raining or to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t lose them, they are hard to find in Cuba.
SAFE: You will have at your disposal at the apartment a safe at the apartment that can be opened by code. You will set your own code and change it as many times as you wish. Pay attention to the explanation on how to operate the safe so you don’t block it. If you forget the code don’t try to open it more than three times or you will activate the alarm, just call your host. You should always leave your passports in the safe to avoid losing them when going out. Make and keep with you a copy of your Passport to go out unless you are making a transaction at the bank or at an Exchange office where an identification will be required.
ANGLES, apartment located a few steps away from the Plazuela del Angel. Modernity and confort combined in a city greater than centuries. Its design constrats with the entourage, the present within the future, t…


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La Habana Vieja, La Habana, Kuuba

Majoittaja: Idekich

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I am a Reservations Manager in charge of accomodations with the common denominator of being proud of our City and the conviction of doing things right, comfortable, and beautiful. I am avaiblable for you, throughout the whole process and during your stay, to asist you, to guide you, and to provide you ith truthful information. Our locations will allow you to discover Havana while staying in a refuge of confort and good taste.
I am a Reservations Manager in charge of accomodations with the common denominator of being proud of our City and the conviction of doing things right, comfortable, and beautiful.…
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