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Cabin w/view in Norway (Oslo) #1

Lier, Buskerud, Norja
Koko mökki, jonka majoittaja on Håvard
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100 % viimeaikaisista vieraista antoi sijainnille 5 tähden arvion.
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Come discover why we are the number one listing on Airbnb users' Wish Lists in the Oslo area.

From the reviews: "Simply stunning and relaxing!", "amazing!!", "beautiful place with stunning views", "epitome of nature, silence and beatitude".

Small scout cabin with nice view. Basic standard. Fresh water from pump outside. Heating with wood stove. Candlelight. No electricity. Mobile phone coverage (4G). Great hiking and crosscontry possibilities. (Snow from December/January to Mars/April). 0.5 to 2 hours walk to get to the cabin. Please, read the "FAQ" , Guide, map and the "House Rules", before asking questions....

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The cabin has 4 beds with 5-6 places. The floor has several places. Its possible to be more than 8 people. Ask, and we find a solution.

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Please, read the "FAQ" and the "House Rules", before asking questions....

NOTE! There is no cleaning fee as you are required to clean after yourself. It is not possible to give any guarantee that the previous tenant has the same cleaning requirements that you have.


* How do we get from the train station to the cabin? You must walk. Bring good shoes and a backpack (you can rent one if you need to).

* How much does it cost from the airport? About NOK 210 per person by train.

How to get to the cabin from a larger city?
London --> Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)
London --> Torp Sandefjord Airport / Oslo Airport Torp (TRF)

Take the train to Lier train station. There are frequent trains. You my have to change train in Drammen, Asker or Oslo S. 10-20 minutes walk to get the key. 60-120 minutes walk to the cabin. If you arrive by car. It's about 30 to 80 minutes to walk from the nearest parking spot, or 15 to 30 minutes by bike.

Train: NSB
From: Gardermoen Oslo Lufthavn (OSL) To: Lier 1 h 3 min
From: Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn (TRF) To: Lier 1 h 19 min
From: Oslo To: Lier 26 or 30 min

* How much water can the well supply? Approx 50 - 100 liters in 24 hours.
You can get extra drinking water from Skapertjern and Stuvstjern or depending on the season, a nearby steam

* Can you drink the water from the water pump and from the lakes without boiling it? Yes.

* Does the water pump work in winter? Yes.

* Do we need to bring water containers? No, there are plenty in the cabin.

* Do we need to bring candles? Yes. We recommend tall candles rather than tealights as they are safer and give better light.

* Is there a toilet? Yes, an outhouse. Bring your own toilet paper.

* A shower? Yes, outside in the moonlight with a bucket or have a bath in the lake.

* What would the temperature be inside the cabin in winter? It can be anywhere between -20 and +25 degrees, depending on the outside temperature and your ability to use the wood stove.

* How likely are we to see wildlife? There are moose nearby and birds, badgers, deer, lynx, squirrels, mice, rabbits and foxes in the area. You probably won’t see them, but you will see lots of tracks.

* Can we get lost? Yes, for a short time. That is also possible in a parking spot. :-) From a nearby hill you can "feel" the city (view, sound, light).

* Do I need to be in good shape to get to the cabin?
If you can do a 2 hour walk, it should not be a problem. 3 year old kids have done it before you. 12 year old girl scouts have done it in the dark, on cross country skies, alone.

* What should we bring besides sleeping bags? Food, candles, toilet paper + read the House Rules (received when you book).

* How far is it to the supermarket? It’s about four kilometres (1-2 hours on foot, each way) to Liertoppen and to Gullaug (one is north of the cabin, the other south).

* Is the supermarket open on Sunday? Not
the two closest ones (Liertoppen and Gullaug). There is a supermarket in Drammen, and one Kiwi about 7 kilometres from the cabin. For reference, Liertoppen is open from 10am to 9pm (6pm on Saturdays); Gullaug is open from 7am to 11pm every day except Sunday.

* Is it possible to have a campfire? Sorry, campfires are not allowed in Norway between 15 April and 15 September. At other times, please find your own wood, don’t use firewood from the woodshed for campfires.

* Can we go fishing on Skapertjern or Stuvstjern lakes? Yes, but you’ll need a license. They cost about NOK 200 for each lake; we can arrange a permit for you.

* How can we ask for help? If there is an emergency, call
110 : Fire department
112 : Police operations centers
113 : Emergency medical communications center

* Other equipment rentals (prices are per week or weekend):

Local map and compass NOK 50
Garmin GPSmap 62s with local map NOK 200
Come discover why we are the number one listing on Airbnb users' Wish Lists in the Oslo area.

From the reviews: "Simply stunning and relaxing!", "amazing!!", "beautiful place with stunning views", "e…


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Lier, Buskerud, Norja

Approx 1 km to 2 lakes with swimming and fishing opportunities. Approx. 2 km to the nearest house. About 4 km walk or by bike (4.8 km) to a shopping centre with 100 shops (Liertoppen) and about 4,5 km to a local food store at Gullaug (Kiwi Gullaug). Several climbing places within 1 - 2 hours walk. (Search for "Klatring i Drammen og omegn")

We can arrange rental of sleeping bags, backpacks, gps, maps, canoe, climbing gear, other outdoor gear, internet connection, washer, dryer and other equipment.

The scouts can offer guided walks or canoe trips in the area. Tell us about your dream and budget. We try to create a great experience for you and those you may travel with.

Trails in the area - openstreetmap org (change space to . (dot) ) Search for Skapertjern (Click on "Water Skapertjern, Lier Kommune")

Geocaching in the area: opencaching no (change space to . dot) Search for Kjekstadmarka
Approx 1 km to 2 lakes with swimming and fishing opportunities. Approx. 2 km to the nearest house. About 4 km walk or by bike (4.8 km) to a shopping centre with 100 shops (Liertoppen) and about 4,5 km to a loca…

Majoittaja: Håvard

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Open minded scout leader from Lier, close to Oslo in Norway.
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It my be possible to order a cabin guide. Cost from NOK 1000,-
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