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Jokainen varaus sisältää ilmaisen suojan, joka kattaa majoittajan tekemät peruutukset, ilmoituksen epätarkkuudet ja muut ongelmat, kuten vaikeudet kirjautua sisään kohteeseen.
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This is a real romantic and luxurious home on the beach.
You are living the past period from the 19th century, relaxing or active, this is the ideal place. For swimming or mountain hiking.

Casa das Videiras is a cottage near the beach - it take you not more than 3 minutes to reach the sandy beach from the house. The house was a typical home from the late 18th century – 1792. It is restored twice, in 1995 and in 2013.
Casa das Videiras means the house of the wine plant. This is a motif repeating itself in the hand painted special made tiles that decorate the front of the house. The design of these tiles was inspired in old Madeiran prints and made by the artist Agostinho Duarte, Don Duarte Azulejaria. A staircase is leading up to the impressive entrance door, opening into the hall and the chapel. The chapel’s old altar comes from the north of Portugal, and the ceiling is decorated with china plates from the 18th century. To the left you have the library, filled with new and rare old books. Here you will also have a display of antique dolls. Outside the library there is a big terrace for enjoying the calm evenings. In this part of the building, a twin bed room is found with a separate bath room. The other side of the building has 3 bed double bed rooms with in suite bath rooms. Outside this you have the upper lounge. Down the stairs is the main lounge characterized with its old stone walls. A fire place is found here, just for the coziness. A part is reserved for TV. The dining area has old oak furniture. Hand painted tiles and silk damask is decorating the walls. From this lower part you can go straight into the front patio.
The whole house is made to commemorate the romantic period, architecture, furniture and decoration. This is a place to visit, a place where modern times should not be dominating. Fall asleep to the sound of the sea, and wake up to the call of the chicken. You are relaxing in a monumental village house near the beach.

Vieraan pääsy
Madeira is the flower island, the island of eternal spring, the island where it never gets really cold or too warm. The island is truly blessed with beauty, fantastic mountains fall into the Atlantic blue sea. The flowers are abundant all the year and the forests are old and eternal green. It is a safe place, beautiful place with pleasant temperatures, lost in the middle of the ocean and still cosmopolitan. It really deserves its partaking of the name Macaronesia – the happy islands.
The north of Madeira has the Laurisilva forest going almost to the ocean. It is a majestic sight, the ocean and the green mountains. A lot of rivers and waterfalls spoil its water into the sea. You have cliffs, rocks, natural pools, pebble beaches and some black sand beaches. Here you will find the sea for swimming, fishing and surfing. In the rivers you can do canyoning and in the forest you have hiking paths and levadas for walks.
Seixal is a agricultural village between Porto Moniz and São Vicente. In the valley above the village the peasants are cultivating the land. Here there is a production of vegetables and potatoes the whole year. In September there is the wine harvest and the local wine is both sold as table wine and fortified Madeira Wine.
The village has a church, several restaurants and bars, small supermarkets and a butcher. It is nice to take a stroll along the narrow streets and paths. You have two sand beaches in Seixal, one next to the local port and the other at the opposite side of the village. There also are two natural sea pools, one near each of the beaches. The Clube Naval has a lot of arrangements, especially in the summer weekends.

Muuta huomioitavaa
Casa das Videiras
Pure romantism, from the age of innocence. How to have a romantic holiday in a long lost ambience.

In the month of April 1993 I bought an old house in Seixal. It was a typical small village home, built 1779. To get in, you climbed the stone steps, and got into the first floor. Here you had two bed rooms, a living room and a kitchen. From the kitchen there was a door leading out to the back of the house. The bottom floor had two doors leading into the wine press. Next to the house was a small shed.

We started the reconstruction. The shed was changed and became part of the house, this is where you now can find the kitchen and the dining room. The floor of the wine press was dug down so that we cold have the convenient height in the bottom floor, and this part of the house was turned into the lounges. So now you have a front with 3 doors and 3 upper windows, where in earlier days there was just two doors and two windows. In the upper floor, we made 3 bed rooms, each with its private bath room, and, where the former kitchen was found, a small living/reception room was made. We also made a communication with a staircase to the ground floor.

In the garden, a small garden house with one bed room was constructed.
The house was opened for rural tourism in 1996.

In 2012 the municipality had to expropriate the garden to open the road, and we were forced to reconstruct the house again.

Where you first had the stairs and the patio, in front of the main door, we made a more monumental entrance for the house, and a chapel was constructed. The Library, terrace, bed and bath room was also made above a garage, laundry and the wine cellar. The stone walls of the garage is from the old stone wall in the garden. In the attic we made storage rooms and access to the chapel terrace. Mind your head if you go out there, but the view is worth an eventual bump on your head.
The only part of the garden left is in the porch, where you will find a big Dragon tree, Frangi Pani, a lot of different flowers, an Araucaria and some smaller palm trees.
Being that the name of the house is Casa das Videiras, meaning the house of the wine plant, we ordered tile panels to be painted all with the motifs of harvest and wine making. The first one is the harvest of the grapes. Here the motive was taken from an old tile panel, now ruined, from the Portuguese city of Setubal.

All next four panels are taken from old Madeira paintings.
The second panel is showing a typical Madeira wine press. The grapes are pressed first by foot and then in the wine press. The stone of the old wine press from the house is the base of the table in front of the first panel, and the wooden screw is made into the lamp in the living room.
The third panel is the boy transporting the grapes in a wicker basket to the wine press.
The forth panel is showing a “borracheiro”, young men carrying the wine in goat skins from the north of the island to Funchal.
The fifth panel is showing a typical tavern where the wine was consumed. The two dogs are Tassen and Bjorn, our house companions. The recommendable artist making the panels is Agostinho Duarte, Don Duarte Azulejaria,

The main entrance of the house and the main door is inspired from the old Portuguese manor houses. In Madeira the stone work is mostly made in basalt stone, and this is found around windows, doors and in the stairs.
When you come into the house, you are facing the chapel. The altar piece was bought from Foz Côa in the north of Portugal, and it was assembled from a heap of wooden pieces. In the ceiling of the chapel you have Chinese plates from around 1750. All the stucco work we did our self, molding each piece by piece, shaping and putting up.

In the library you have hundreds of old and some newer books in different languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Latin. Some books are more than 200 years old. On the chest and on the Norse shelf you have Old Norwegian wooden works from my family.
The painting above the door is a Swedish 19th century door decoration; the tapestry is a copy of the medieval Wine Season tapestry. You will also find a painting of the Casa das Videiras before the last restoration. The furniture is old, but recently restored with sheep skin.
Coming into the left part of the house, you find some sculptures made by J. Rego. To the left there is a holder for making tapestry. The painting I bought on the street in Calcutta when I was working in India many years ago. The sofa on the right is a typical Portuguese “conversadeira” with the sofa, mirror and book cupboard. The big cup board in front is made of the Madeira wood “Til”. It comes from the cake shop, Confeiteria Felizberta in Funchal, owned by the early 20th century ex owner of Casa das Videiras.

In this room you will also find part of the old kitchen, with its clay and copper pots in front of the oven.
The bed rooms have all different decoration. The ceramics in bed room 1 is made by my mother, the clay virgin sculpture is by a famous Portuguese artist José Franco. In bed room 2 you find a typical Portuguese bed, “Cama de Bilros”, the aquarelles are by an Austrian painter who was living in Madeira, and here you also find a typical needle work tapestry. In bed room 3 you have paintings by the Madeira painter Emanuel Aguiar.
Going down to the lounge, you find two guns from the Napoleonic wars, and then some wall sculptures by the Madeira artist Luz Henriques.
The tiles on the ground floor walls are all hand painted, and the dining room walls are covered with silk damask. The furniture in the dining room is made of oak, the cupboard old Portuguese and the table, chairs and side board old furniture from Sweden. On the cupboard you also find Chinese ceramic from the Qianlong period. There are also ceramic from the 20th and the 19th century around the house.
Some of the paintings are by Heinemann, a Jewish refugee who managed to escape to Sweden before the Second World War. Here you also find some batik pieces that I brought from India. You will also find paintings by Norwegian, Swedish and Polish painters.
The wall lamps in the dining room come from the first casino in Madeira, the Quinta Vigia, where earlier the Austrian Empress Sissy had been living.
I hope that you will enjoy the stay in Casa das Videiras.
This is a real romantic and luxurious home on the beach.
You are living the past period from the 19th century, relaxing or active, this is the ideal place. For swimming or mountain hiking.

Casa das Videiras is a cottage near the beach - it take you not more than 3 minutes to reach the sandy beach from the house. The house was a typical home from the late 18th century – 1792. It is res…


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Seixal, Madeira, Portugali

Seixal is a great place in summer and winter. In the summer you are next to the beach, and in the winter there are plenty of hiking possibilities, canyoning and other water sports. Seixal is a small village on the north coast. However in area the parish is the biggest in Madeira. It is an agricultural village, most of the cultivation is done in Chão da Ribeira. If you take the road up in the valley above Seixal, you will reach this farming landscape surrounded with the “Laurisilva” forest. This forest is a Unesco heritage, being that it is formed before the ice ages. In the inner part of the valley you will find a trout farm, supplying fresh fish to the rest of the island.
Seixal is one of the villages that has a natural sandy beach, two minutes from the Casa das Videiras. Below the beach, you have Clube Naval do Seixal with a nice sea water pool, water activities and in the weekends music, cultural and sometimes gastronomically activities.

On the west part of the village of Seixal, you will find some natural pools “Picinas” and another beach, “Praia de Laje”
On the way to Porto Moniz, drive or walk up to the hamlet “Ribeira Funda”. This place has just recently got a road. Some years ago you would have to climb the more than 1000 steps in the rock wall to get there.
In Porto Moniz you have the “Aquarium” and the pools.
In Seixal: See the Parish Church. Do not forget the two sandy beaches (at the Harbour and Praia da Laje) and the two natural pools (Clube Naval do Seixal and Picinas do Seixal)
In Porto Moniz: See the Centro de Ciência Viva do Porto Moniz and theAquario do Porto Moniz. Visit the Cabel car at Achadas da Cruz.
In São Vicente: Visit the Grutas de São Vicente. See the village and the church. The small chapel of São Vicente next to the sea.
In Ponta Delgada you must see the parish Church of Ponta Delgada. The ceiling is a modern work of art.
Mercearias / Mini Mercados / Supermercados:
Just as you come into Seixal, from the east, there is a small supermarket at the left hand side. You will see the boxes with fruit and vegetables outside.
After the church, there is another small minimarket and bar on the left hand site. Further on, you have a butcher on the right hand side, and across the street a small hardware shop.
There are cars coming with fruit, vegetables and fish several times a week. They park just below the Casa das Videiras. Please ask Natália when they come.
Mercado de agricultores in São Vicente. This functions in the weekends on the parking spot above the chapel of São Vicente
There are good restaurant in Seixal. The Sol Mar Restaurant just before the church has good filled trout and other fish dishes. Below the house, you find BrisaMar above Kalhaus pub.
If you go up to Chão da Ribeira, you first find the restaurant O Pasto, good for espetada, and in the end of this valley you have the restaurant Laurisilva.
Driving on the way to Porto Moniz, just as you come into the main road, there is a local restaurant on the right hand side. Jamaica. Local food and local prices.
In São Vicente, near the sea, you have several restaurants, bakeries and shops on the right hand side. Cross the bridge, and on the way to Ponta Delgada, there is a great place on the right hand side called Mannys.

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Responding you from the beutiful island of Madeira

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Nátalia is the house keeper. She will do the cleaning and tidying the house, change of linen and towels etc
If you want your private cloths washed, Natália will do this for a charge of 15 € pr, machine. We are not to be responsible for any damages of the clothing during washing and drying.
Nátalia is the house keeper. She will do the cleaning and tidying the house, change of linen and towels etc
If you want your private cloths washed, Natália will do this for a…

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