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Top recommendations from locals

“Lots of choice for places to eat from pizza and burger to Sushi 5 mins from flat”
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“An amazing and spectacular ruined castle standing on the edge of the cliffs. Walk 4kms up from Stonehaven or park a short walk from the ruins themselves.”
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“This is more of a suggestion than recommendation ..... never been there personally! 😃”
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National Park
“There are hundreds of attractions across the park. Depending on the time of year you choose to visit there is always something happening. Anything from the Husky rally to the Harley Davidson bike Rally or the highlands games ”
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“Nice park with a winter garden showing an impressive variety of plant of various climate: tropical house, arid house, temperate house... Very convenient to have a walk with the kids if you are not feeling that the weather will hold. Usually closes at 5pm.”
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“Located near Union Terrace Gardens and the Art Gallery this fabulous theatre has always something that is worth seeing be sure to do some research and book tickets in advance if there is something you fancy seeing. ”
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Outdoor Supply Store
“You get a cracking view all the way out to Skye (on a clear day) from the car park. With a cafe, walks and views, well worth a trip. For the more adventurous, take the 1 hour walk up the mountain to Cairngorm Summit. As a qualfied mountain guide, Heather advises that you have the appropriate footwear, clothing, map, compass and health and experience to undertake this trip. Watch the weather and look at the Mountain Weather Information Service. it is 1300 metres afterall and like the Artic!”
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“Shopping - Ladies, Gents, delicatessen & cafe. 15 minute drive from St Trinneans. ”
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“**Local Parkrun here Less than 1km from the flat. Head up to Footdee and run the whole 3km along the promenade. Run back to add some distance or take a detour round Seaton Park and Aberdeen University.”
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“Scottish Home to the Royal Family. Admission charges include parking, selected areas of the grounds, exhibitions in the Stable Area and a tour of The Ballroom. ”
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Meal Takeaway
“Just a really good cafe with a varied list of healthy food options, mainly vegetarian and vegan. Whilst you are there head upstairs and checkout their whole foods store. ”
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“My favourite Castle to visit. Short and longer walks available with an adventure play area for the kids. A little souvenir shop along with the essential cafe for a much deserved treat.”
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“**Local Parkrun here 5K route around the woods or add some distance by going into Countesswell Woods or why not run up from the flat. Checkout Strava heatmaps for inspiration.”
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“The scottish residence for the Queen. A must visit for a chance to see Royalty.”
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Clothing Store
“High end luxury cashmere products for all ages in beautiful buildings.... Johnston’s also offer a free tour of the factory. I enjoy the industrial, historical and traditional manufacturing environment almost as much as finished product or the leisurely lunch in the coffee shop, restaurant.”
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“The Cathedral and indeed Elgin, was once known as ‘the lantern o’ the north’ ... at least until the Wolf of Badenoch burned it down in 1390. What remains is an extremely well preserved beauty in traditional stone masonry. Do visit. It is gorgeous, interesting and the tour guides are very well informed. It is part of Historic Scotland with paid entry .. well worth the money but you can enjoy it from outside the railings. The Cooper park, the Biblical gardens, Johnston’s Woollen Mill and the Cathedral are all within a few minutes walk. ”
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