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“The meatpacking district used to be home to Copenhagen's meat industry, but in recent years, it has changed into a new creative cluster with a trendy nightlife and a broad range of high quality restaurants.”
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“Located at Sønder Bouldevard. When the weather is good, take a lunch outside in the sun. Try the open sandwich with chiken salad.”
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Italialainen ravintola
“In the trendy meatpacking district “Kodbyen”, there is a purely organic Italian restaurant called Mother, which serves delicious sourdough pizzas till 11 pm and is always buzzing with life! Their Margarita pizza is our favorite.”
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“Simple, raw, great. Situated in the former meat packing district with lots of life in the weekends.”
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“Located in one of Vesterbro’s hotspot locations, you can combine your own tasty breakfast plate by ticking the list of various breakfast possibilities. Avocado with chili oil and baked almonds, cinnamon bun with organic chocolate on the top, yoghurt with muesli, macha tea and basil are just some of the small dishes you find on the menu. Mad & Kaffe also offer lunch and bigger meals. You can order burger, salad or sandwiches. You can also sit outside and enjoy the glimpse of sunshine if the weather is up for it. In 2015 Mad & Kaffe won the price for Copenhagen’s best café. Protip: Prepare to wait a bit for an available table since Mad & Kaffe operate without table booking.”
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“At Café Bang & Jensen, the atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, and you will feel instantly at home among the quaint lamps and odd unmatched chairs. On sunny days, it can be tricky to find a table outside, but inside the café there are plenty of old sofas and armchairs to choose from. Between 08:00 and 10:00 you can tuck into a delicious breakfast buffet. After 10:00 you can make individual brunch orders: hard- or soft-boiled eggs, organic coffee or green rhubarb tea. The café has a wireless hotspot if you need to get your laptop online.”
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“A former church owned by the family who own Flying Tiger shops, this unique community centre in Vesterbro, offers a community dinner every night at 18:00. Get there at 17:00 to secure a spot. Its only 50kr per person with cheap drinks! ”
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“Cosy and original restaurant/bar with good food and splendid atmosphere. Sometimes they have live music. If the weather is good, you can sit outside.”
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“Southern European cuisine coupled with an incredible wine list makes this restaurant and wine bar ever popular with the locals. The portions are large and well prepared, and each dish has its own unique twist. If you are a wine enthusiast they have an extensive wine menu by the glass. The restaurant is located in the Meat Packing district and has a really nice ambience. ”
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Historiallinen paikka
“The site where Carslberg was founded, where you can learn the history of the brewery, ride in a horse carriage and try different beers with food options too.”
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“www.sushi.dk Good quality sushi and sticks, both a restaurant and takeaway. Communal tables - other restaurants in the franchise have slightly better seating”
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“Ismageriet is our personal favourite and we would go so far as to call it the worlds best ice-cream. They offer new experimental flavours every week along their wide selection of daily freshly made ice-cream. ”
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“non-profit bike rental company near the Central train station. Go here for a good price, and to support a good cause.”
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“This place have some fantastic sourdough bread. Normally sold out after 12:00, so you should try to go early in the morning. Try their sourdough bread or croissant!”
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“Nice coffee, cool serving, tablets not allowed, the best sports crossaints and cinnamon snails to est for your coffee.”
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“I like this place, especially in the summer where you can sit outside, theres many events that are happening in the meat packing district. Amongs other food places, clubs and pubs in the meat packing district WarPigs is a so-called “brewpub” - offers guests beer experiences out of the ordinary in large rooms in the Meat packet. A brewpub is, in short, a restaurant that also houses a beer brewery. Behind WarPigs are two internationally renowned breweries: American 3 Floyds and Copenhagen's own Mikkeller.”
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