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“A roadside treasure for fresh homemade pies and pastries, Devonshire Teas, Apple Pies, Superb Coffee, Cakes, Slices & more…”
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“You have to travel down Kurts Road to the end, but once there, there are traditional orchards of crispy Pink Lady apples.”
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“For unusual and quirky hand-crafted gifts, art and fashion, visit Bellsridge Cottage. Everything at Bellsridge is made by hand on the premises by local Australian artisans and designers. Opens Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm.”
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“For fresh coffee, sensational apple pies and a breathtaking outlook over the valley, Cottage Orchard has all this and more. A short, 10 minute drive to the north.”
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“If you would like to bring some groceries with you and you're coming from Sydney this is the last place you pass to get whatever food stuffs you might need.”
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