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“The Biltmore District is about 5 minutes north on 24th Street. It is home to the famous Biltmore resort, hotel, and golf course, historic Wrigley Mansion. The area is upscale and has many great dining and bar options. ”
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“Refer to the Urban Retreat Restaurants, Activities, & Instructions Manual for full description.”
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“Excellent burger joint for the allergy challenged and the "I don't have that problem" crowd. This is the best gluten free burger joint I have ever found. You can actually eat the fries if you are Celiac because they pay attention to the oil contamination and don't fry any bread in the dedicated fryer. Delicious fries and always a perfectly cooked burger. I have never had a bad meal at this location. (Other zin burger locations - I can't say the same) Fantasic 5 -start burger joint!”
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“This is a larger format restaurant, as opposed to a mom & pop style. Fun place for food and drinks and many people that work in the Biltmore district come here for lunch or happy hour.”
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“Refer to the Urban Retreat Restaurants, Activities, & Instructions Manual for more detailed description.”
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“A great place for a romantic dinner. The menu is super fresh and the service is excellent. A bit expensive, but worth it for a special occasion! Reservations recommended on busy nights.”
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“Located in the Biltmore shopping park, great place for a cappuccino or cold brew coffee. They have an indoor and outdoor location located around the area.”
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