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Parhaat puistot paikassa Bogotá

“Nice small park surrounded by upscale bars and restuarants. The nightlife is more laid back, for something a little more wild Zona T is better.”
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“This is about 2 blocks from the Botanical Garden, and is another large park for exploring, taking pictures, and enjoying the outdoors. Also important, it's free!”
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“We can take you to the Botanical Garden. $20 USD ($50,000 COP). Prices DO NOT include admission tickets.”
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“Excelente sitio para hacer deporte, salir en pareja o pasar un rato de tranquilidad. // Excellent place to play sports, go out as a couple or spend some quiet time.”
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“I used to run there early in the morning, to enjoy a good fresh breath doing dome sports. On Sunday it will be full of people doing sports and activities, awesome to get in touch with our culture. 15 minutes by walking from the apt. ”
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“One of the best spots in Bogotá to go for a drink or for a nice meal. 10 mins away on a cab. ”
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“Iconic and classic closed park with playground for kids and regular cultural activities and events. ”
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“You can enjoy a beer while watching the skaters, take a long walk and generally relax on the grass. ”
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“This place was where Bogota was founded, there you can try typical drinks , buy souveniers and clothes”
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“It is a beautiful nearby walk. By hiking to the top of the mountain (3-4h) you will see some amazing views of Bogota and the native moor vegetation. You must go between 5 and 6 a.m. to reach the top and return before the park is closed.”
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“Esq. Calle 26, Entrada A La KR7, Bogotá. Para pasear, visitar el Planetario y el Museo Nacional. For a stroll, visit the Planetarium and the National Museum.”
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“El Parque Nacional Enrique Olaya Herrera se encuentra ubicado en los cerros Orientales de Bogotá.”
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“genial para trotar o caminar, era la antigua cancha de polo del Country club. ”
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“We can take you to the traditional Usaquen Flea Market. $20 USD ($50,000 COP). Prices DO NOT include admission tickets.”
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“On sundays, good to enjoy the " ciclovia " cycling open road..and aerobics in the park”
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“Typical amusement park with rides and fun. They often have festivals and concerts here too, so be sure to check their website for the current events.”
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