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“This is Boise’s independent theater, showing a range of art films mixed with a few Blockbuster hits. They also have a large selection of movie rentals. The Flicks serves a full menu including beer and wine as well as typical movie theater fare.”
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“Be very careful when you order here ... the servings are HUGE. Everything is house-made and will satisfy your cravings from coffee, to breakfast, to lunch, with plenty of baked goods to go along with whatever mood your appetite is in.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Albertsons is the closest local grocery store with Aave-on Pharmacy and a Starbucks. Just down State Street to the east a few blocks.”
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“Nothing is sweeter than waking up with a "bowl of soul" and your fur pal on a spring morning at Java in Hyde Park! Confetti eggs is a good breakfast to share too!”
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“Just a straight-up classic Boise coffee house with good prices. Usually busy.”
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“This pastry shop has raked in some prestigious awards. The owners are so kind and caring. You will love it here!! ”
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“One of the remaining Egyptian-style movie houses in the Pacific Northwest. It’s now mostly a concert venue, but it screens classic films from time to time. ”
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“A old fashioned soda fountain and candy shop that appeals to young & old -- especially if you have a sweet tooth :-)”
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“The Village is a new and upcoming venue in the Treasure Valley and worth the trip. Loads of shopping, restaurants, breweries, parks and outdoor areas for everyone. In the summer there is a playground and grassy area for the kids to play and in the winter, a small outdoor ice skating rink. The Village also has a movie theater and Big Al's Bowling. ”
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“If you are ever in the need to go on a shopping spree, Boise offers the largest mall in Idaho. With the most popular brands and stores available, you will be able to satisfy your thirst for bargain-hunting all in one spot. A brief reprieve from the rush for 'the best deal' can be found at many of the adjoining restaurants​ including the nearly infamous Cheesecake Factory. If the high pressure of multiplex​ shopping isn't for you, there is Old Chicago right at the entrance​. Old Chicago has nearly every draft worldwide and some of the heaviest calzones around for a more laid back experience. ”
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“Boise Towne Square is located in Boise, Idaho and offers 147 stores & restaurants.”
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“Movie Theater, Shopping, Chow, other food, summer concert series, video games.”
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“This has Ethiopian food, Columbian food, Iraqi food, BBQ joint and a Columbian coffee shop. Delicious!”
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“This is not far away. Just stay on 27th Street till it becomes Shoreline and as you cross Americana, you'll see this market on your left. Saturdays. There's another one downtown encompassing most of 8th Street.”
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