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Nähtävyydet ja maamerkit paikassa Broome County

Historialliset museot

History Museum
“Beautiful old Victorian mansion, with detailed history of the Binghamton area. See local historical architecture and period clothing! Very limited daytime hours, only a couple times a week.”
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Historialliset nähtävyydet

“Ross Park Zoo is a quieter alternative to the sporting venues in the area. Ross Park sits tucked into the northern face of Binghamton’s South Mountain. The zoo officially opened in 1875, and it is the fifth oldest zoological institution in the country. It has seen the best of times in the age of industrial revolution and the worst of times as the age of travel brought decreased revenue for the park. Ross Park has overcome overwhelming adversity in its nearly 150 years and undergone tremendous changes with the help of the Southern Tier Zoological Society. What was once asphalt, concrete and steel bars is now winding wooded paths with naturalistic exhibits housing over 100 different species.”
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“Convergence of the Chenango River and Susquehanna River in Downtown Binghamton ”
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