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“The penguin walk is very popular with young children. The brunch is great. ”
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“A beautiful place to enjoy a picnic, go for a bike ride along the river or see wild Canadian geese!”
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“Nose Hill Park is a natural environment park, it's the fourth largest urban park in Canada, and one of the largest in North America, grate City view from the hills.”
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“This is one of the largest city parks in North America and is a great place to explore. Lots of locals take the bike paths through fish creek park to get to work. If you are lucky, you may see some of our local wildlife!”
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History Museum
“Wooden fort, built in 1875 by the North West Mounted Police, with history displays & offering tours.”
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“Bowness Park is a 30-hectare (74-acre) urban park on the Bow River in Bowness, a neighbourhood in the northwest quadrant of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is popular in the summer for picnics and boating, and in winter for ice skating on the lagoon and the canal which feeds it. The park was closed to the public for safety reasons after the major flood which hit Calgary in June 2013. The west half of the park reopened in November 2014, and the east half of the park reopened in 2016. Among other attractions, a ridable miniature railway operates seasonally in the park. Land for the park was donated to the City of Calgary in 1911 by John Hextall, as part of a deal to secure the extension of streetcar service into Bowness Estates, which he was developing as an exclusive suburb. The land consisted of two islands in the Bow River, separated from the south bank by a narrow channel, now dammed off to create a lagoon and small canal. The Wood's Douglas Fir Tree Sanctuary comprises approximately 12.5 hectares of land located on the south bank of the Bow River near Bowness Park. The sanctuary features a variety of flora, including fir, spruce, balsam poplar, and aspen trees, as well as thick brush, and lush vegetation.”
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“"Stunning river and skyline views. If you are feeling adventurous you can ride a bike along the river (About 2 km) from the downtown core to enjoy some peace and quiet in Edworthy Park!"”
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“Eau Claire Market hosts an eclectic assortment of specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants. ”
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“This is in the centre of Calgary, locates at the top of TD square shopping mall, also called The Core. You can shop and explore the nature at the same time. ”
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“Visit this tranquil sanctuary (located not far from the Calgary Zoo), then plan to wander through the unique and eclectic historic neighborhood of Inglewood, near the heart of downtown Calgary. Browse through miles of interesting shops and galleries, then stop for lunch or dinner in any one of a number of amazing restaurants.”
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“Riley Park is perfect for the nature get away in the city. It's an easy day trip and a short train ride from Banff Trail Station to Sunny Side Station. Take a walk through the gardens and catch a game of cricket. A great place for families all around as there is a free wading pool, playground and lots of room to run. This is a great place for a family picnic and our families personal favourite.”
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“St Pat's is a great summer place with lots to do and many times there are all kinds venues set up for special occasions. Family and friends can stay the whole day and never be bored. Note try to visit when the special events are on because it is a blast. ”
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“Mchugh Bluff stairs located off Memorial drive offer a fantastic view of the city ( also some good exercise walking up and down the stairs)”
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“Providing one of the best views in the city, Rotary Park is the perfect place for play dates with the little ones, picnics and a great way to get to the office in the morning. ”
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“It’s a great place to walk down and be near water. It accesses all the bike/walking paths that will take you as far as you want to go all over Calgary ”
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“Beautiful park along the river. Lots of gorgeous lookout points and photo ops. Great for young children as well as teens. Be sure to check out “Shakespeare in the Park” and other free, fun activities through the summer months. ”
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