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“We love visiting this mall! It is beautiful besides being a great place to shop. ”
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“Club BRAVA & Ultra Lounge is an entertainment venue that combines the high energy dance scene of a nightclub as well as the chill out atmosphere of an upscale lounge.”
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Perulainen ravintola
“Ceviche is a seafood dish typically made from raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with aji, chili peppers or others seasoning including chopped onions, salt, and cilantro. Open 7 Days a week. Free valet parking or tips preferred. You can Uber from Coral Beach for less than $5 and you can walk it back as Isla Verde Avenue is illuminated through the entire strip. This is a sea food restaurant that also serves a great Steaks and Chicken. No reservations, first come first served and the place is small and very popular. Full bar. You won't regret it!”
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“Don't miss the iconic El San Juan lobby with its gorgeous chandelier bar. There's live music at the lobby on weekends and the hotel offers several dining options. ”
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Nature Preserve
“Explore the Majestic Pinones Coastal Forests Tour to: A Visit to the Mangrove Forest Observatory Tower Cave Stop Swim at the pleasant ocean ponds or Vacia Talega Beach. Playa La Posita is probably one of the better-known beaches in Pinones because of its accessibility. It's right on PR-187, and one of its distinctive attributes is that a long breakwater hinders the intense Atlantic waves from crashing into "La Posita", which translates as the pool, or the puddle. Its waters are similar to those of a pool: calm and cool, perfect for bathing without having to struggle with the waves' intensity. Moreover, you can park in front of the beach, and, across the PR-187, you can grab a bite in some of Pinones' best beach shack, like El Guariquiten.”
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“Located at AO-23 Centro Comercial Villamar, Marginal Román Baldorioty de Castro, Carolina, PR 9979 Known for Bakery, Coffee & Restaurant”
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“ Puerto Rico and Cuban Food Wednesday: 11:00 am thur 10:00 pm • Thursday: 11:00 am thur 10:00 pm • Friday: 11:00 am thur 11:00 pm • Saturday: 11:00 am thur 11:00 pm • Sunday: 11:00 am thur 10:00 pm • Monday: 11:00 am thur 10:00 pm • Tuesday: 11:00 am thur 10:00 pm”
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“The typical mall with many of the usual stores like Sears, JC Penney, TJ Maxx, etc. ”
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“Great Breakfast, super large servings so you can easy share or bring a big Appetite. Coffee is amazing 😉 ”
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Rental Car Location
“Cheapest car rental. There is also an Avis on Ashford. Another option is to rent a car at the airport. We don't advise driving into Old San Juan (parking) - better to take a taxi or bus.”
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“Probably the best beach in San Juan. It is a 20 minute uber from Old San Juan. The sand is amazing.”
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“An amazing beach, clean and beautiful with water activity, beach restaurants and bars.”
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“You won't find a better brunch place in all of Puerto Rico. Make sure to bring your appetite as the dishes are MASSIVE. ”
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“A museum with a lit of interacting activities, where your kids can learn and play.”
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“This restaurant is extremely good, if you go, make sure you have an empty stomach! ”
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“If you wish to try a Blue Burger or just try some of our favorite local food this is the place for just that!”
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