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“Taking its name after Queen Viharamahadevi, the Viharamahadevi Park is the largest one in Colombo. Combining picnic spots, waterfalls, a public park, a zoo, nature trails, and much more, the park is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Colombo. It is one of those rare few places that always manage to surprise you, regardless of how many times you visit. The calming, peaceful vibes of nature combined with the adventurous rides make this place an unmissable spot when travelling to Colombo. While it is no wonder that the park is a favourite amongst kids, it also appeals equally to adults seeking respite from the banter of routine life.”
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“A beautiful stretch of open space sandwiched between the bustling Galle road and the Indian Ocean, Galle Face Green is one of the most popular picnic attractions in Colombo. The place received considerable footfall, especially on weekends when there are countless vendors around, tempting the little ones with all kinds of toys. It also helps that the area is lined with street-food vendors, making it one of the best places to indulge in the street-food culture of Colombo. Looked after and maintained by Sri Lanka’s urban Urban Development Authority, Galle Face Park also promises you a phenomenal sunset!”
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“The official City park of Colombo, worth a visit if you want to squeeze in a few bits of nature and fresh air.”
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“It is a green space stretching along the Indian Ocean, with beautiful views you’d love; especially the sunsets. Families often gather here to enjoy an evening stroll and cheer the sun down. Kids play and flykites. Sporty fellows choose this place for their training. And there’s plenty of street food. Fun time guaranteed!”
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“Strip of beach facing the galle road. TBH Nothing much to see here but its a good place to chill and have some "Issowadey" (local street food) and walk around.”
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“ Galle Face Green is a magnificent place to witness a marvelous sun set over Sri lanka. Sri lanka travels always enjoys and cherish an evening by the Gall face green. It was laid out in 1857 by the governor Sir Henry Ward and one of the popular spot during sun set, hundreds of people come to fly kites, play cricket and to enjoy a nice walk along the green having ice cream. At the end of the green lies the magnificent Galle face hotel, an architectural marvel from the colonial era. The hotel was established in 1864 and it has given residence to many great royalties such as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and as memory the first car owned by him is placed in the hotel museum. The hotels offers many great services with delicious tropical foods.The hotels best feature is the open verandah with chairs and tables facing out the sea. Without a doubt it is one of the best spots to have an evening drink as the wonderful breeze coming off the ocean and an evening sinking the whole city in crimson red. ”
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“A beautifully landscaped park used for walking and hanging out. A good place to observe local life.”
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