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“All seven floor Magasin contains fashion, home, beauty, toys, kitchenware, groceries and delicacies. As a special service on the women's floor, you can get a personal shopper to show you around. Magasin du Nord also has a small museum, where changing exhibitions describe the department store Magasin du Nord's history. The 1A bus stops right outside ”
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“Field's, Scandinavia's largest shopping and entertainment centre, is located right by the Ørestad Metro Station. Fields offers leading Scandinavian and international fashion designs, shoes and accessories in more than 140 stores. ”
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Women's Store
“Most visitors know about the main shopping street Strøget in the city center, which is definitely worth a visit. But if you wish to avoid the crowds or if the weather is not for a lot of walking outside, then I recommend doing your obligatory holiday shopping in Frederiksberg Mall. The mall has won several design awards and has all the best Nordic Design shops, be it clothing or interior design and their large selection of stores caters to all price levels and needs.”
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“Big department store, recently renovated with access to 4th floor restaurants and coffee with a nice view. ”
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“The shopping center features more than 120 shops and stores offering everything from fashion, shoes, accessories, home designs, and electronics to super markets and fast food outlets. If you need a break after hours of shopping, there are several cafés and restaurants to choose from. ”
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Jewelry Store
“This shopping mall was awarded the best mall in Denmark in 2015. They have more than 90 shops and you can literally get everything here - great place to go shopping for Danish/Scandinavian style!”
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“A shoppingcenter in the heart of valby. Several clothes stores, and restaurants. There is also a gym. ”
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“A neighborhood mall with all the shops you could possibly wish for in an affordable price range.”
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“Shopping mall with all shops that you need. Not fancy, has a local feel to it.”
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“Paludan cafe is historically a students place, but nowadays you can find people from anywhere. They have everything (coffee, beers, light food, decent meals). It is a good place taking a break from touristing if already in the city center.”
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Clothing Store
“Kyoto has a good selection Scandinavian urban fashion for both men and women. Focus is on a more streetwear style, but they do have something for most people. ”
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“Small-scale local shopping mall. Want to buy some small items to remember Copenhagen by, but don't want an overused souvenir? Try Søsterne Grene in the mall which offers many small and cheap things. Chain-store and so can be found many other places including Frederiksberg Centeret and on Strøget. The center also has a H&M, but only women and children's clothes.”
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“($-$$) Very affordable and extremely delicious. This is the place to grab brunch.”
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“Denmark is famous for its architecture both new and old, this new huge building on the harbour is a great place to learn more. You can also book walking tours to get to know the city with an expert guide ”
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Clothing Store
“Elmegade is a great place to walk down looking for shopping, but Acne Archive is a cool place to shop some iconic modern Scandinavian fashion. ”
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“Amager Center is a shopping centre on Amager, just off Amagerbrogade, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located next to Amagerbro Station.”
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