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Puistot ja luonto paikassa Cozumel

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“Natural parkr. Beautiful views from the lighthouse, crocodile farms, and great place to relax.”
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“if you need information on how to get there without expending more money then you need to and with a private way, my captain chico can take you there all day everyday.”
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“No trip is complete without wandering around the downtown area. Pull up to one of the bars circling the square and people watch, or grab an ice cream and watch the water fountain show. Sunday nights there is live music and dancing.”
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“Es el mejor lugar para nadar en el agua más pura y cristalina del Caribe mexicano”
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“After dark the park comes alive. Grab some churros or an elote and watch all of the kids having fun.”
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“Iconic and very old town in Cozumel. The square is lined with small shops selling local arts and crafts. A fun half-day trip. Cedral holds a fair that has made it famous: bullfights, cock fights, rodeo, typical foods, folkloric dancing, horse riding, etc.”
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“This is the beach club that i usually go to because of my kids age, i do need a pool and this ace has it! Also a very nice white sandy beach, good for snorkeling as well. Food is good :-)”
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“Amazing place to go and experience Jetovator Cozumel. as well as great beach areas with all inclusive packages available ”
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