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“A large park just a few blocks from the Airbnb. Now a local hangout for dog walks and warm-weather picnics, the park used to be an army camp during the Civil War and has a rich history. On good-weather Sundays there is a drum circle in the upper park - starts around 3pm.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“You can get day of tickets by waiting in line at the Monument’s visitor center!”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“ This is DC’s iconic pointy-tipped monument that stands at the edge of the grassy National Mall.”
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Government Building
“The White House is the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. and has been the residence of every U.S. President since John Adams in 1800. ”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Built in 1915, this is a beautiful, columned memorial dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It’s situated at the end of a large reflecting pool that overlooks the WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument.”
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“The most beautiful building in DC - combine this with visits to the Supreme Court and the Capitol. Make sure to get to the reading room viewing platform - there is often a line for this. Make this a Saturday trip (along with the Supreme Court) if you are weekend travelers - the Library is closed Sundays!”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Outstanding year-round, but spectacular when the cherry trees are blossoming. ”
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Memorial Site
“The view of Washington DC at night from the Iwo Jima Memorial is amazing. Many times, when you see night photos and post cards from Washington DC, it is from this vantage point.”
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“Take a self-guided tour of the Supreme Court, or maybe even hear an argument (when court is in session)”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Island located in the middle of the Potomac River. Parking available on-site. No biking. Free.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Commemorates the U.S. Air Force. Also one of the most beautiful views of Washington.”
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“While NOT free, this museum is worth a visit, especially for those interested in architecure. It's also often great for families as they have child-friendly exhibits. ”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“A leading figure of the American Civil Rights movement, this powerful monument is an inspiring testament to his legacy. ”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“This landmark has been here and is a museum for Masons everywhere. Masons have been contributing to communities everywhere in leadership positions while shrouded in mystery. You can see this monument from just about everywhere and it is an interesting stop for the curious.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Probably D.C.'s most impressive memorial. A beautiful, yet somber tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Great site, but there are tons of locations like the aquarium and more alll over Atlanta.”
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