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Parhaat baarit paikassa Santo Domingo

Historiallinen paikka
“Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic, and it prides itself in being the first European city in the New World. Thanks to its plethora of historic, cultural and architectural treasures, the Colonial Zone has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 1496 Bartholomew Columbus, younger brother of Christopher, sailed the Caribbean islands searching for a site where to build the first permanent European settlement in the New World. Here, where the Ozama River reaches the sea, he found it, an unspoiled place of uncommon natural beauty and a sanctuary from the hardships of travel, exploration and adventure. Within a few short years, Santo Domingo was the center of cultural, political and economic activity in the European New World. Alcazar de Colon, the Columbus family home, is on the square Plaza de Espana, just off Las Damas Street, the oldest paved street in the Americas. Nearby is the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, the first cathedral in the New World, completed in 1541. Today, the original portion of Santo Domingo is known as the Colonial Zone, and it remains the city?s cherished and well-preserved heart. It is a heart that today pluses with historic interest and modern passion, leaving behind the modern world and remembering a more graceful and romantic era. Unlike most other neighborhoods in Santo Domingo, you will find that Colonial Zone moves at its own pace. Beautiful homes, churches, museums and monuments from the sixteenth century are the setting of everyday life. As a visitor, you will bask in the warmth of real community and enjoy a lifestyle where the best of everything is within easy walking distance. Your stroll will take you to museums, monuments, restaurants, shopping, nightlife and more. The unhurried, passionate rhythm of everyday life here will intoxicate you in a way few can resist. But most of all, by walking you will encounter the one thing that makes this place unlike any other? its people. Warm, friendly, a touch bohemian and more than a touch romantic, the denizens of Colonial Zone have fashioned a unique, much-envied lifestyle. They consider the area a precious refuge, yet one they are proud and eager to show off to visitors. Experience it for yourself and you will understand why they say that once you have been to Colonial City, you will want to return. The Colonial Zone counts more than 50 restaurants with a big variety of food, all walking distance. The vibrant nightlife of the Colonial Zone has options for all tastes. Its bars, pubs, cafes and lounges offer live music ranging from jazz, latin, flamenco and more. And this is your perfect jumping off point for more excursions, from cacao farm tour, beach combing and more.”
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Botanical Garden
“The largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean, the Jardín Botánico Nacional graces the capital city with over 400 acres (two-square kilometers) of nature preserve filled with the island’s native trees, including multiple species of palm, flowers—over 300 species of orchids—and birds, such as the country’s national palm chat. A trolley tour takes you through its multiple exotic corners, the most popular of which is the Japanese garden, with a manicured, lakeside lawn ideal for picnics. Beginner or avid bird watchers can sign up for guided hikes organized by the Hispaniola Ornithological Society.”
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“This mall houses various name brands and stores that will interest you is you are wanting to shop till you drop. The prices are favorable and the IKEA is literally across the street. Avoid going if it is any peak times or rush hour; it will feel like you are never getting out of the traffic jam. $$$$”
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“You will enjoy coming to this mall because it houses names brands that are rocognized world wide. To name a few: Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other high end fashion stores. This mall is affluent $$$$$$”
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“If you want to try the flavors of the Dominican cuisine, this is a place to go... Eat like a local!”
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“The National Theater of Santo Domingo is very beautiful. They always have theater presentations all over the year.”
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“Plaza España is a big plaza, surrounded by restaurants with great food and bars with native drinks. ”
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“The bar is lit, and the ambiance will help you relax and enjoy your day in the oldest city in the new world. Price is higher than usual, but once you are in the place, you forget everything. $$$$$”
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“this is one of the closest malls to our spot. Here aside from entertainment and movie theatres, you also have groceries store, beauty salon, and others”
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“Built between 1510 and 1540, the first cathedral of the Americas—known as Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Nuestra Señora de la Encarcación o Anunciación, Primada de América—continues to stand tall in all of its glory over the heart of the Colonial City. The 500-year-old Gothic-style building continues to serve as the most important site for official ceremonies, and religious celebrations. Touring the interior reveals the cathedral’s ornate Gothic ceiling, colonial period oil paintings, sacred chapel rooms, as well as an area with gravestones containing the remains of archbishops. The remains of Christopher Columbus were found here in the 19th century.”
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“Ciudad Colonial (Spanish for "Colonial City") is the historic central neighborhood of Santo Domingo and the oldest permanent European settlement of the Americas. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also known as Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) or more colloquially as "La Zona" (The Zone) . It is an important section of the city due to the high number of landmarks, including Alcázar de Colón, Fortaleza Ozama, Catedral de Santa María la Menor, and others.”
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“IKEA, Galeria 360 and other great stores are situated in this mall. Its been a staple in DR for ages. Check it out for sightseeing or to shop. $$”
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“Here you will find Beauty Supplies, Banks, Grocery, complete food court, bakery, ice cream shops, laundry and much more.”
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“You can walk the 16th century colonial landmarks and see the first of everything: first streets, cathedral, alleys, colonial patios. There is romance everywhere. If you do not want to walk, there is a train ride through the old town. Cathedral Square and the Atarazana area have outdoor cafe restaurants. Nice shops. ”
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Karibialainen ravintola
“For an explosion of vibrant colors and music, Jalao offers delicious food and a great atmosphere for those looking for a great time and a place to satisfy their bellies. At Jalao, you will find traditional Dominican food as well as drinks.”
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“An eight-kilometer park popular with athletes. Walk, jog, rollerblade, and bike along Caribbean Sea views. There are children’s playgrounds, an open-air gym, bicycle or rollerblade rentals, and an artificial lake for boat rides.”
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