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Ostokset paikassa Dreta de l'Eixample, Barcelona

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“One of the biggest shopping mall, all streets around also full of big brand shops”
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“Healthy breakfasts, complete, tasty and all with very good looks. Natural juices also very complete”
  • 62 paikallista suosittelee
“Apple retail store selling iPhones, iPads & more in sleekly designed spaces. ”
  • 19 paikallista suosittelee
“A cosy place, ideal to have breakfast while enjoying ​art, and great environment. Ideal as well to work while having a coffee ”
  • 49 paikallista suosittelee
Clothing Store
“The Barcelona shopping is mainly know for stylish stores and good prices. Dont miss the opportunity to swing around this beautiful street Plus while you are walking you can visit Gaudi's buildings.”
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“Lately it became a fashion of hamburger places in Barcelona and could tell that these places is where they make the best burgers in town.”
  • 25 paikallista suosittelee
“Beatiful bistro and coffeshop, kind and friendly staff. They offer great juices, cakes, bocadillos (sandwiches) and lunch menu all with prime quality. You can stop for breakfast or lunch on your way to the city. Don't miss the brunch on weekends!”
  • 8 paikallista suosittelee
Furniture / Home Store
“This multiconcept spot from Chilean interior designer Jaime Beriestain is both a home store and a delicious cafe with an appealing, health-conscious menu. I’ll sometimes eat here after shopping for props for photo shoots. It’s an incredibly chic space with eclectic decoration, and a great place to have brunch on Sundays. Jaime owns a farm in the countryside where he grows veggies for the restaurant. During summer I go for the organic tomato salad, but the veggie burger and antioxidant juices are always great.”
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“Es un centro comercial ubicado en la Plaza de Cataluña de Barcelona, España. Inaugurado en 1998. Dispone de 22 tiendas repartidas en 2 niveles”
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“Muy buenas tiendas de moda, zapatos y complementos de marcas locales e internacionales. ”
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“a Luxury shopping mall, you can find anything you want from clothing to housing products. in the lowest level you also have a grocery store with lots of fresh kiosks food. it is also tax free. 5-7 min”
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“This small, old neighbourhood was a village before it was completely merged with Barcelona. Today it is a perfect place to go out for a drink with perhaps the most authentic atmosphere in Catalonia. There you will find drink bars with independentist flags next to Pakistani kebabs.”
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“biggest shopping mall in heart of the city, recommend the cafe-restaurant on the top of the building where you can have tapas and enjoy the great city view.”
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“Corte Inglés supermarket (floor - 1). Better quality food than other supermarkets but more expensive. 15 min. walk”
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“From the Barcelona Cathedral, an undulating, brightly coloured roof catches our eye. Attracted like insects to a colourful flower, we approach to discover a food market below the roof: the Santa Caterina Market. The original design of the building, as well as the treasure trove of produce displayed on its stalls, won't disappoint visitors to the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina. The refurbishment of Barcelona's first covered food market by the architectural practice of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue was completed in 2005. The old Santa Caterina food market revealed a gleaming, undulating and brightly coloured roof designed to be seen from the air. The roof is attached to the building by a wooden structure, and a vast mosaic of coloured ceramic pieces, representing fruit and vegetables, boldly breaks with the traditional look of a market. The market has always been characterised by a desire to innovate. Santa Caterina Market was built in 1845 to provide the neighbourhood's blue-collar community with foodstuffs. The spacious, modern market building was constructed on the former site of the Convent of Santa Caterina, from which it takes its name. During the post-Civil War period, Santa Caterina became the main food supplier to the towns on the outskirts of Barcelona. People from Sant Adrià, Santa Coloma and Mataró came on the tram to buy food in this market in times of shortage. Today, the market is still worth a visit: the modern exterior ushers us into a traditional market with food stalls and restaurants which serve outstanding-quality produce.”
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“Welcome to Mercat de La Concepció The Concepció market's wants to be your "place" the ideal meeting place for shopping, chat, enjoy a dining experience and social in every way. Therefore, apart from a wide range of food, you will find activities for all ages. La Concepció Market's want to be "square" in the neighborhood of Eixample and the city, for our friends and customers come and recover the space that originally Markets have always occupied the place of town where people find and share. However, also committed to modernity and new technologies, so also invite you to visit our website for you to roam virtually stops, what informs our calendar of events.”
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“Fresh food market! So nice and so fresh. Here you will be able to find the latest flesh and fish and also super fresh vegetables and some premium good stuff.”
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“Catholic gothic church in the heart of the Eixample district, a haven of peace in the centre of Barcelona”
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“best all round supermarket around here, attached to the santa caterina food market so very convenient.”
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“"Gràcia's Grain" is an all-organic shop of bulk sale - thus promoting reduction of plastic containers - of various quality products such as rices, coffees, cereals, spices, dried fruits and nuts, teas and of course seeds of any kind, you name it they probably have it in store! 3 venues across the lovely district of Gràcia”
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“The best Paella and wild fish dishes in town. The owner of the place has his own fishing boat... Paella 36€ but it's really worth every penny.”
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