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“What to say? One of the great parks of the United States. Just head down the hill to Kezar Stadium (at the very bottom of Willard Street) and you'll see the GGP right beyond it (walk around Kezar to the west to enter the park). You can also enter on Stanyan and Haight (and at many other points). Enjoy the Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, Stow Lake, the Conservatory of Flowers (great night time light shows in the summer and winter) and many, many other features of the park.”
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“When the weather is nice, you can barely see the grass due to the throngs of people lounging around. Luckily, the park was recently renovated and is big enough that you're bound to find a spot you like. The southwest corner is good for a panoramic view of the city skyline (and usually far enough away from the folks enjoying their herbal refreshments on the northern slope). There's also a nice kid's playground, although it's geared more towards older kids.”
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“A park with miniature train, pony-rides, a lake to swim in, and trails to explore... Home to bears and mountain lions, here's a little bit of wilderness right next to home.”
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“Beautiful scenery full of wild life, fitness areas, and coffee shops. Walking around the lake transports you throughout Oakland!”
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“Be advised, to protect the park, and make it more exclusive to prevent chemicals from cars, parking reservations by phone are now required BEFORE arriving. There is non reservation parking about a mile from the main lot. Their rules will not be bent, because this unique one of a kind on earth, micro-climate area has started to suffer”
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Historiallinen paikka
“If you plan on going to Alcatraz, book early! It completely fills up in the summer. ”
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“I 'naturalize' here. Trails range from tough back country loops to short strolls through the redwoods. Ask me about special events, programs held here.”
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Theme Park
“California's Great America is a 100-acre amusement park located in Santa Clara, California. Owned and operated by Cedar Fair, it originally opened in 1976 as one of two parks built by the Marriott Corporation. ”
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“Great for kids aged from 2 to 10. One of our favorite places to visit on a weekend afternoon.”
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“• 4 hour roundtrip, 20 minute walk from home - Nearby park with incredible views of SF - Walk through Haight Ashbury and pick up a drink/snack on the way there or back - Make sure to get to the very top to catch a 360 view of SF”
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“Nice park in East Sac, Rose Garden, public pool (not that you'll need that). Newer playground for the kiddos Smallish library”
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“A great place to take the younger children. A zoo, rides, and fun things to see and do.”
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“A beautiful manmade lake surrounded by our own Central Park. Great place for family fun with boat rentals etc during summer. It has a lovely and scenic trail that goes around the lake.”
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“Great playground in a very fun San Francsico park, adjacent to the Mission, a reliably sunny and fun neighborhood with great cafes, shopping and dining.”
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“If you're traveling with young kids (under 5) and have a car, this "museum" is a must. You get to take the gorgeous trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito to a kid outdoor play haven. Pair a trip to the Discovery Museum with lunch or an early dinner at Fish, and the Marin Headlands and you have yourself a full day!”
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“Great playground and picnic area for family with kids. Great view of the SF Bay”
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Surf Spot
“Go here on a warm day to see San Francisco iconic Ocean Beach. In the summer evenings its legal to have a bonfire, so check online and bring your own wood!”
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“Nice beach, tide pools, nature center. Also is a monarch butterfly migration destination Oct-Feb each year.”
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“Great place for viewing the Golden Gate Bridge! It is quiet and usually not crowded. ”
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“Beautiful beach, favorite spot for surfers all year round. Nice hike trail, whale watching in the summer time.”
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“This is the closest entry to the Russian River. This place rents everything so you don't have to carry anything: chairs, umbrellas, paddles boats, Kayas”
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Nature Preserve
“Fun easy hike to this Reserve by the Ocean. Bring a jacket as it can get cold and windy.”
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“Easy walk from house, has a coastal path to walk along ocean and watch surfers or great place to surf”
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“Easy access beach for bonfires, watching the sunset and going for a beach jog. ”
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“Beautiful (and easy) hiking trail overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Pick a sunny day for the views although I also love the misty fog or as we call him, Karl the Fog! He even has his own instagram @KarlTheFog ”
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“A very nice and beautiful hiking spot. The parking is plenty and there is a lot of shade during the hiking which allows you to start anytime. Halfway to the vista point there's a cute farm where you can see nice farm animals chilling and roaming around. There are even wild deers roaming around sometimes if you are lucky enough to catch them. Most hikes are pretty easy (about five miles) and offers a great view when you reach the top. You can also challenge yourself with PGE trail which is nine miles. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“Such an easy and beautiful hike through some of the largest Redwood trees in California! ”
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Historiallinen paikka
“One of our favorite sightseeing spots in the city is Sutro Baths! It's an old indoor pool that burned down and now leaves really cool ruins overlooking the ocean. ”
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“Find your way to the rocky peak, and you'll be glad you did! Popular spot to bring dogs (there are fenced and non-fenced play areas), and the sport courts get lots of use on sunny days.”
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“California's oldest municipal park. Great for hiking and strolls among trees and grass. ”
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“Miles and miles of sandy beach and wilderness. Watching the sunset and the hang-gliders from the cliffs is a must! ”
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Nature Preserve
“Fun easy hike to this Reserve by the Ocean. Bring a jacket as it can get cold and windy.”
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