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“Great shopping all the brand name plus tax free. Has a large ice-skating ring for all the family.”
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“At the beating heart of Eilat, in front of the promenade and the airport, stands Mall Hayam shopping center. The mall is tax free and the most profitable mall in the entire country. Mall HaYam contains chain stores of the best brands in Israel and the world, from many different fields. Fashion, literature, music, camping, gadgets and more. In addition, there is a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and food stands. Recommended activity: Ice coffee and observation on take offs and landings in the airport, from the second floor's veranda. Link: Mall Hayam. ”
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“"Recently renovated with a new shark pool. Recommended for adults and children alike. You can see all the fish from the Red Sea without getting wet! Has the Oceanarium simulated ride. Opens from 08.30 - 16.00"”
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“American Bar on the Marina Sporting Events on multiple TV screens Basic American Bar Menu Live Music Thursday - Saturday // Open stage - Mondays Jam Session - Tuesdays Indoor and Outdoor Seating ”
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“Indoor and outdoor venue by the Tourist Center. A wide variety on their drink and food menu. Live Classic Rock music weekends.”
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“A musical band performance every night, great atmosphere. Excellent service”
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Travel Lounge
Place to eat
“Dolphin Reef is a horseshoe-shaped sea-pen where bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Eilat in the northern-eastern Red Sea near the city of Eilat in southern Israel swim in and out of. It is a major tourist attraction in this area.”
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Place to eat
“I think the best fish and seafood restaurant in eilat with wine to match.10/10”
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“the northern-most tropical coral reef in the world. a must for any visitor. just put the mask & snorkel on and go dive in the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea !”
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Point of Interest
“Great trails with natural scenery, some live animals and birds Good for a family outing . Bicycles are available. Beautiful geological sites.”
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“Mall Hayam in Eilat is the most profitable mall in the country. The mall offers a diverse and inexpensive shopping experience due to Eilat's status as a Free Trade Area. The mall is accessible for the disabled, has an underground parking lot and about 90 shops selling a variety of clothes, electrical, accessories, jewelry, sport, footwear, food and more. Also, on each floor of the mall you will find an ATM. Toilets and changing posts are located on the middle floor. The mall has four possible entries: the first is through the promenade, the second is through Cafe Joe, the third is the main gate in front of the external car park and access and the fourth is at the lower level for those parkin”
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“Best way to experience real local eilat opposite from the touristic life, very live happy and energetic!”
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Natural Feature
“Great beach for diving with dolphins. There is an entrance fee which is used for protection of dolphins. And the upkeep of beach.”
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