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Anna paikallisten opastaa sinut nähtävyyksien ja kätkettyjen helmien luo. Näin saat tietää, mikä tekee kaupungista ainutlaatuisen.

“This is the centre of a supermall. You can almost get anything from here. Although, prices are quite crisp as well.”
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City Hall
“Tallinnassa on erittäin kaunis hansa-ajan vanhakaupunki. Lisäksi ihania kahviloita!”
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“Beautiful park and palace, established in early 18th century on the orders of the Russian Tsar Peter I. With the swan pond, a stream, a rose garden, a japanese garden, two art museums and view to the sea, Kadrioru Park is a favourite getaway place for locals and visitors. ”
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“Hieno museokokemus vaihtuvilla teemoilla; sopii hyvin lapsille ja aikuisille Samassa yhteydessä ravintola Maru; ruokaa, juomaa ja iso terassi”
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“Telliskivi Creative City, located in a former industrial complex is the largest creative center in Estonia. There are several small designer stores and studios, 10 unique eating and drinking places, photo galleries, and a lot of street art. Nearly 600 cultural events take place annually and a flea market is organised on every Saturday. Here, you can also find the Club of Different Rooms, Theater Vaba Lava, and the theater Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava.”
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“Many design shops, book store, restaurants, large supermarket. Very close to Old Town”
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Paper / Office Supplies Store
“Shopping centre with the entertainment, restaurants, groceries, clothing stores etc”
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“F-Hoone was the first restaurant that opened at Telliskivi centre, it's still the most popular one, although the competition nowadays is quite high in that area! Go there for food, drinks or people watching at their terrace.”
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“Go if you're into art and architecture. You can also visit Kadriorg park and president's castle on the way to Kumu. ”
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Farmers Market
“This newly-restored market complex is the most modern of its kind in Estonia, bringing an extraordinary range of items together under one roof, with everything from children’s clothes to tasty street food. There’s also a supermarket, sports club, hair salon, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, the widest range of meat and fish in the country, and a variety of cafes. ”
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“Groceries. The best quality and selection out of the nearby options, especially for meat and fish. ”
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“If you love shopping then this is one of the biggest in Town. Next to Airport.”
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“Tallinn’s biggest multiplex has 11 screens equipped with world-class sound systems and seats that take comfort to a new level! It not only shows films from all over the world but also live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera and London National Theatre. Those who like watching films in a more private setting will appreciate the exclusive 40-seat A. Le Coq Suite.”
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“Town Hall Square in the old town. A nice place to have a walk and enjoy some history and culture. I wouldn't recommend eating at the town hall square though.”
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“Kadrioru puisto on kaunis ( Japanilainen puutarha) , myös nähtävyyksiä- Kadrioru Palatsi Puistossa on modernitaidemuseo " Kumu". ”
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“Kumu Art Museum's permanent exhibition introduces the Estonian art from the beginning of the 18th century until the year 1991. Variable exhibitions additionally include international and modern art.”
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