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Tarjolla olevaa tekemistä paikassa Fairfax

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Anna paikallisten opastaa sinut nähtävyyksien ja kätkettyjen helmien luo. Näin saat tietää, mikä tekee kaupungista ainutlaatuisen.
“Take a drive up Bolinas Road & keep going until you see the massive Dam lake, water. Great hiking there, or continue over dam to corner where you will see cars parked and hike up Catarack Falls. Good stuff.”
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“This 35-mile bike ride climbs up the back side of Mount Tamalpais and features a number of highlights. From Fairfax to the Mt. Tam ridge, you’re meandering through a redwood and fern forest. Alpine Lake is beautiful, and you’ll be treated to some of the finest views of the Marin coastline before you descend into Mill Valley. You can start in a number of places, but I recommend the Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax. From there, climb Bolinas-Fairfax Road through the redwood forest, over Alpine Dam and to Ridgecrest Boulevard. Descend into Mill Valley via Panoramic Highway before taking Camino Alto north back toward Fairfax Boulevard.”
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