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“because It is the main entrance to the ancient walled city.and the cultural hub of fes. ”
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“Not the most pleasant for the senses, but a must see and probably one of the reasons you're visiting Fes anyway!”
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“These tombs house the skeletal remains of sultans and other royals of the Merenid Dynasty. Although not intact, and most of the decorations and engravings have faded throughout the years, you can still see the authenticity of the architecture. The climb up the hill is definitely worth the view over the 1200-year-old Medina, especially during sunset. Just be wary of staying on the hill too long after nightfall, as the descent can get difficult in the dark.”
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“One of the iconic sights of Fez, the Chaouwara / Chouara tannery, the largest of the city's three tanneries, is a piece of living history that dates to the 11th century. The stench of the open pits can be a little strong at times, as cow urine and pigeon excrement is used to tan the leather. The dying process is striking to witness, as workers stand almost waist deep in vibrant vats filled with solutions coloured by organic plant dyes and pigments. ”
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