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“A park with a nice trail to walk through.. close to wield. You can walk through the park on your way to/ from. ”
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“One of the most romantic places in town to enjoy a lovely view on the city. It is also possible to visit the Mountain Museum on the same terrace.”
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Government Building
“Sumptuous 18th-century official mansion home of the President of France, set in landscaped gardens. ”
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Cultural Center
“Planetarium, multimedia library, museum... you'll find everything at les Champs Libres!”
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City Hall
“William the Conqueror is buried here and many English lords as well! It is a magnificent building and there are organ recitals held here as well as the daily church services and Sunday Mass.”
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“because it's fun to visit the place where they filmed the famous scenes of "Les Gendarmes des Saint Tropez"”
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City Hall
“Architecture originale Structure en pierre noire de volvic Édifice surprenant et culminant”
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“Thats a beautyful Library also the Church where the Libary is in is a great Architektur and it’s a Unesco Building. ”
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City Hall
“Métro A Direction Perrache ou Vaux en Velin Nombreux bus ( C3, C14, C13, 19) ”
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“It is a museum in Barcelona that houses a collection of musical instruments from around the world as well as biographical documents, from ancient civilisations to new technologies from the 21st century. It is situated on the 2nd floor of the l'Auditori de Barcelona ”
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“This is Barcelona’s first library, opened in 1895 after the death of journalist and Freemason Rossend Arús, who donated his house and collection. Today it’s a research center that works on social movements. The library looks like a museum, and is accessed through an impressive staircase. There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty at the entrance. The building was constantly on watch during the Franco regime due to its connection with the Freemason world. Rumor has it that the library has several secret doors leading out of the building.”
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“The French National School of Horsemanship. Public presentations and tours of the stables.”
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City Hall
“Ancient forest with wild ponies roaming around! Lots of Country pubs and things to see and do. Suits all ages as plenty of trails to hike or cycle on or just have a quiet pub lunch. All within easy reach. ”
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“Vous pourrez vous baigner dans de l’eau qui jaillit du sol chaude. Idéal après une randonnée ou après le sport”
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Nature Preserve
“L'hiver arrive, sortez vos après-skis, mettez vos lunettes de soleil et chaussez vos skis: direction La Bresse, où des pistes de skis vous attendent au milieu du Parc: lacs, crêtes montagneuses et forêts formeront le décor éblouissant pour accompagner vos descentes.”
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“The legendary Drugstore Champs-Elysees spans several levels. Its decor is signed by designer Tom Dixon. It houses, among other things, the 200-seat "Le Drugstore" brasserie, whose menu has been entrusted to Michelin-starred chef Eric Frechon, a gourmet restaurant, a pharmacy (open 24 hours a day), a grocery store, a wine cellar, a cigar humidor, newspaper stand, gift shop and cinema.”
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