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“Majestic park overlooking the Luxembourg Palace. A visit here is most enjoyable at any time of the year. So much to see: the ducks swimming in front of the enormous Medici Fountain, children sending an armada of small boats across the pond, the parade of sculptures of the queens of France, the manicured Palace gardens. Take a seat and enjoy the people-watching! You can also just relax, enjoy a sandwich or read a book (plenty of chairs and benches). To do some jogging this is also a great place! Free entrance.”
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“he Parc de la Ciutadella is very idyllic and probably the greenest oasis in the megacity of Barcelona. It invites you to relax, to rebound and to go for long walks, as well as for a picnic. You can also use a rowing boat on the lake. On the grounds of the Parc de la Ciutadella, there are several attractions: the zoo, the Catalan Parliament. The Museu d'Art Modern is situated in the building of the parliament. The Zoological Museum and the Museu de Geologia are placed in the area of the park. ”
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“Pour les animaux et la course a pied If you want to enjoy a zoo or for runners ”
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“Amazing park with winding paths and a beautiful pergola atop the highest point that you can climb up to for a great view. Also two great bars/cafés with outdoor seating. Great place for joggers to run around the lake, and lots of nooks and crannies to discover. Also great for picnics, walks and free morning tai chi classes. ”
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“Initially conceived to be a garden city for Barcelona’s wealthy families, the plan was aborted in 1914. Nowadays, the park holds a magic air that comes from Gaudi's personal tallent and creativity. From November to March, Park Guell is open between 08:30 AM - 06:30 AM. From April to October, it is open between 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM. A good tip to avoid crowds of tourists is to go during the night. You'll find yourself nearly alone with the park to freely explore.”
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“ A short break in this magnificent garden populated by 18th century statues and decorated with pretty basins ”
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“Just behind the Sforza castle, you will find the green lung of the city. The Parco Sempione (Simplon Park in english) is the largest public park in Milan and a perfect place to rest a bit. Some buildings worth seeing while strolling around: The Civic Aquarium of Milan, and its nice architecture. The visit isn’t really worth it, as it’s quite small The Triennale, highlighting the arts and Italian architecture The Arena Civica, a multi-purpose stadium dating from 1807, where sport events are held The Arco della Pace, the triumphal arch of Milan, built to celebrate peace. I loved the architecture! ”
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“The construction of Parc Monceau dates back to the 17th century, under the orders of the Duke of Chartres. This beautiful park, which has inspired many famous paintings, was created in the 18th century for Philippe Egalité, the cousin of Louis XVI and the father of King Louis-Philippe I.”
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“A 10 minutes à pied. Un lieu de balade à ne pas manquer sur les bords de lerdre.”
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Theme Park
“A great place to visit for kids of all ages! Terra Botanica is a cross between a botanic garden and a theme park and is a full day out. Food and drinks are available at the onsite restaurant or you can get takeaway food at 2 food stands offering a mixture of hot and cold food.”
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“Promenade des Bastion is about 10min walk and has a playground, chess boards, restaurant, etc. If you’re here over December-January definitely head to Bastion for the amazing Christmas market and ice skating rink!”
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“Climb among the trees, zip wire around. Great fun but book on line as cheaper.”
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“English landscaped botanical garden with a pool & waterfall, lawns, rare trees & Jewish memorial.”
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“in 13 minutes walk you reach the green park, situated around two important churches, Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. It has also a playground area for little ones. ”
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“Parc Paul Mistral is the biggest open park in Grenoble. In the park you can try running, jogging, there is an open skating area, and a stadium. In the park you can also find La Bobine, one of the most popular bars (and also a restaurant during the day) in the city. The place is normally full of very interesting people, mostly students but also people from all ages. If you are looking for a place to interact with other people and feel at home in the spirit of the Alps, you should come to Parc Paul Mistral!”
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“ Le Jardin LECOQ est un espace de fraîcheur de 5 hectares, le poumon vert du centre de Clermont-Ferrand, où il fait bon s’égarer en toute quiétude. Ce jardin à l’anglaise a gardé son caractère et son pittoresque ancien, avec ses grilles d’entrée, son tracé sinueux d’allées et de pelouses bordées de massifs colorés : 25000 plantes saisonnières et bulbes viennent 2 fois par an fleurir les massifs, les armoiries de la ville contiennent à elles seules 8500 plantes de mosaïculture. Des plantations d’arbustes très diversifiés et 300 arbres majestueux ou rares donnent au jardin, bien servi par les dénivellations de terrain, de nombreuses perspectives. ”
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“Barceloneta beach is 422 metres long and is one of the oldest and most traditional in the city. It is a favourite amongst foreign visitors, and also youth groups and schools, who often use it for activities.”
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“If you want to eat a good fondue that will not cost you a fortune, this is the place to go! They are very good at making it. Plus it is situated on the lake allowing you to enjoy the view while enjoying a good fondue ;) ”
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“A lot of boutiques are located in Juan les Pins - 10 min by car or by bus/train. ”
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“Ce parc en bord de Garonne accueille de nombreux événements comme Rio Loco en juin, le feu d'artifice du 14 juillet ou encore la fameuse plage rafraîchissante des Toulousains et ses nombreuses activités gratuites durant l'été.”
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“The beach for which San Sebastian is famous for, it gives name to the bay of La Concha. You will not find a more beautifully elegant urban beach anywhere. // La playa más famosa de SS. Pocas playas urbanas son más bonitas que ésta. ”
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“Extraordinary scenes. You can walk around an hour and you get to the beach. You deserve it ! Do not forget your water because it can be hot.”
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“Une petit bout de plage à 15 minutes à pied du vieux port. Un endroit très reposant.”
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“There are many D Day beaches and tours all within just over an hours drive. Depending on when you are here will depend on events being held. Please check online for details. Museums often charge entry fees. ”
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“Great hike overlooking the Hérault valley. Highest point of the department.”
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“Une belle promenade dans l'arrière pays en profitant de la nature et de montagnes majestueuses.”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“Hear the call of the stones, with its beautiful melody, like the sweet song of a mermaid that beguiles you and leads you to the entrails of the Earth.”
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“Very close from home, it is a promenade from Bastille to Pelouse de Teuilly You can find a swimming pool there There is a lot af flowers and you feel in the nature in the middle of Paris ”
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“This is a beautiful and easy hike to get up close to the amazing ochre cliffs. Good for the whole family.”
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Nature Preserve
“Tourist route of about 800 meters in large rooms, between huge blocks broke away from time in the remote ages. Rich concretions of all shapes and colors due to the presence of various minerals.”
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“Pour une randonnée jusqu'en haut du Mont Gerbier de Jonc, avec une belle vue à l'arrivée ! En passant, allez voir la source de la Loire !”
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“Visita obligada per estades llargues. Espectacular per als amants de l’aventura i la natura.”
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