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“Very cool french bistrot. They have great french food. Quite gourmet. I love the easy going atmosphere where you find music player and young actors having a quick lunch or a beer. ”
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“They have shops in a few other places in the city, but I like the one in the 6th best. This is the place to buy your macarons in Paris. ”
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“The best place if you go to Montmartre : it’s on the way, and it’s very good, home made food not expensive - that is rare in Montmartre ! ”
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“You can take a train to the top of the Puy, or if you are feeling energetic, take the old Muleteers track ;-)”
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“800 year old monestary and 1200 year old castle beautifully restored with the best views of the bay of Rosas”
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“The American Military Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer is the most famous war cemetery in Normandy. The long lines of white marble Latin crosses and stars of David symbolise the sacrifices that the Allied nations - and here in particular the United States of America - have made for our freedom. The cemetery is an exceptional site, not in the least because of its impressive location dominating Omaha Beach, where the Americans suffered their worst losses. It take around 45 minutes to drive to the American Cemetery from La Forge and is well worth a visit.”
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“Due Santi restaurant with lake views. La Campana pizzeria with wood burning furnace.”
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“Avec son miroir d'eau et sa superbe coulée verte. # With its reflecting pool and beautiful green corridor.”
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Tram Station
“Central station with connection to France, Germany and the rest of Switzerland”
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Natural Feature
“Située à l'extrémité du Cap Sizun, la Pointe du Raz est un éperon rocheux plongeant dans la mer d'Iroise. Un petit bout de terre frappée par la mer et le vent, faisant face au phare de la Vieille et à l'île de Sein, plus au large.”
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“Very unique bar. Usually there's a long line, but if you are lucky it's a very nice place for strange unique cocktails.”
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“Beautiful place, not National Trust, but well worth a visit. V kid friendly, dog friendly, beautiful little private beach as well. lovely play area for small children, up to about aged 12. Awesome dog friendly cafe,restaurant, very nice food, good vegetarian options as well. Loos, parking is free. Great gift shop and garden shop as well. Love it! nGreat option for colder days, as it has its own microclimate and is alwys warmer here. Opens at 10am ”
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“Zoos can be a depressing thing; not our zoo. It’s a good place if considered life in captivity is ok at all. But if being a zoo animal its probably the best worldwide! Great with kids. Don’t miss the Masoala hall. ”
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Pedestrian Plaza
“A lot of bars and restaurants in the romantic old town called "Niederdörfli"”
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“Historical Abbaye producing liquors and spirits. The lavender field provide the ideal backdrop for stunning pictures.”
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“Beautiful roman basilica, one of the oldest in Europe on a charming little square.”
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