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Top recommendations from locals

“Okay so this is the most famous museum in Arles. But it has reasons to be so, as it holds some of the most important Roman collections. Ten years ago, when Caesar's bust was found, and this is where it went. The collection of amphoras is amazing, but people come from all around the world to see the ship that is conserved in the museum.”
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Point of Interest
“Le théâtre de Montpellier propose des spectacles et concerts toute l'année !”
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“Once inside, you enter a wonderful underwater world. Follow the route and visit the different oceans of the world. In the middle you will find a huge aquarium where you can spot sharks! ”
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Historiallinen paikka
“This is why people come to Nimes at all, to be honest. And it's well worth the visit for this alone. It's the best preserved Roman arena in all of Europe. If you come during the Roman Games, you can go in and watch re-enactments of ancient Roman battles. The gladiators walking the streets of Nimes will leave you breathless. ;)”
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“For the great view into the Gorge De L’Herault, for a nice and fresh swim...”
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“This lovely little resort is a short drive and has some wonderful restaurants, including those for very special occasions. ”
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“cinema pathe capsud , capitole studio, acro branche a lagnes , cathedrale d images à st remy , splach word (sensations assurees )”
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“The most famous square in the city, with beautiful buildings including the opera house and restaurants on the square.”
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“A prehistoric cave going down deep into the earth. A very worthwhile activity.”
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“Musée d'art contemporain, bâtiment de Norman Foster, expositions pointues et intéressantes, bibliothèque et librairie // Contemporary Art Museum, Norman Foster building, library and bookstore.”
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National Park
“The Camargue region of southern France is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is full of white horses and bulls running free. The etangs (lagoons) often feature flamboyances of Flamingoes growing pink on the wonderful shellfish, which you can enjoy in local restaurants. Try the local Vin des Sables (wine of the sands) too.”
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“Aquarium avec poissons, requins et otaries Aquarium with fish, sharks and sea lions”
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“amazing bicycle track, horse riding, sailing, windsurf, paddle, beach and amazing pick nick spot”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“Vue parfaite sur le Pont d'Avignon ! Wonderful view for the Bridge of Avignon !”
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Historiallinen paikka
“La Tour Magne est le plus haut point pour une belle vue sur Nîmes. C'est également un monument emblématique de la ville de Nîmes !”
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History Museum
“Dans ce centre magnifique, on y retrouve l'histoire de la Rome Antique et celle du vieux Nîmes. Restaurant très sympathique dans les étages”
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