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Puistot ja luonto paikassa Mapo-gu

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“very calm and peaceful. This park before was water purification plant, so it's kind of atmospheric. ”
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“Tiny island on Han river ! Sunyudo Park is an ecology park which is located under the Yanghwa Bridge. Sunyudo Park is the site of an old filtration plant. At the park, there are the Han River exhibition hall, a Theme garden, the World Cup fountain and the fountain of fog. Sunyudo Park is a very beautiful place for walking. Since there is such a beautiful scene, many people also take pictures at the park. It's a good idea to visit the park in afternoon, walk around and finally have dinner. Or for finishing a date, going to the park and enjoying the night scene is a good way also. - Sunyudo Park : 6 a.m. - midnight - Han River exhibition hall : 9 am -6 pm”
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“Seonyudo Park is located on Seonyudo (Island), one of the islands situated on Hangang (River). The park used to be a filtration plant, but was converted into an ecological park. Seonyu literally means "a place of scenic beauty". Seonyudo Park utilizes the previous filtration plant to a great extent. It contains four parks and many walking trails. Apart from these, the park has other facilities such as Seoul Design Gallery, and a botanical garden. Seonyudo Park is a much loved place where visitors can experience nature and relax with beautiful views of the river.”
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“★★★★★ 양화 한강 공원 / 자전거 대여 가능 Han-river park / can rent bicycle / good feeling / chicken+beer”
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“Entrance to the Han river where you can go cycling or go for a walk any time you want.”
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