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Anna paikallisten opastaa sinut nähtävyyksien ja kätkettyjen helmien luo. Näin saat tietää, mikä tekee kaupungista ainutlaatuisen.
“Smáralind is in a 5 min driving distance (20 min walking). One of our two biggest shopping malls. Smáralind has a varied selection of stores.”
  • 79 paikallista suosittelee
“My favorite bakery <3. Many locations with amazing sourdough bread and baked goods. The cinnamon bons are to die for! Vegan options. All organic and amazing ”
  • 131 paikallista suosittelee
Natural Feature
“Geysir, sometimes known as The Great Geysir, is a geyser in southwestern Iceland. It was the first geyser described in a printed source and the first known to modern Europeans. The English word geyser derives from Geysir. The name Geysir itself is derived from the Icelandic verb geysa the verb from Old Norse.”
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Natural Feature
“Popular sightseeing spot in Iceland. Experience dynamic nature. You can walk down to the point where water falls. ”
  • 51 paikallista suosittelee
“Wonderful seafood restaurant, they have sushi as well along with great seafood soups and serving the catch of the day. Beautiful and tasty desserts to finish you off”
  • 107 paikallista suosittelee
Hot Spring
“Best beach of Reykjavík with geothermal pool with low entry fee. Sauna, large out door hot tub and the antlantic ocean.”
  • 133 paikallista suosittelee
Hot Spring
“A famous hot spring in South Iceland. This is the landmark from which the word “geyser” was derived and is now used to name several hot springs around the world.”
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“A faboulus homemade ice cream parlor. Situated by the harbour- ideal for a lovely walk with your favorite ice cream.”
  • 116 paikallista suosittelee
National Park
“The Center of the Earth! The Snæfellsjökull glacier is 1446m above sea level. The glacier is an active volcano, having been built up through numerous eruptions during the last 800,000 years. Many believe the glacier to be one of the seven main energy centres of the earth and its mystique is noticed by many. The glacier plays big role as the Center of the Earth in the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) by Jules Verne. Snæfellsjökull is a part of the Snæfellsjökull National Park which was established on June 28, 2001. The Park's purpose is to protect and conserve the areas; the unique landscape, indigenous plants and the animal life as well as important historical relics. At the same time, the Park is meant to allow visitors easier access as well as improved opportunities to get to know the area. ”
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“Great coffee shop- opposide the local swimming pool. Great for good tea or a coffee- they also serve Icelandic beer.”
  • 119 paikallista suosittelee
Natural Feature
“One of the bigger and more majestic waterfalls in Iceland. A part of the Golden Circle, the most popular sightseeing tour in Iceland.”
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“It is a very nice, lively place to hang out with friends. They often have live music playing and they have a blackboard full of house brewed beers that you must try! There is a great mix of both tourists and locals. The food is also amazing. Must try the Kex Burger! ”
  • 106 paikallista suosittelee
“A lovely local restaurant. Go for brunch - they have great pizzas and by the weekend they served delicous italian food”
  • 107 paikallista suosittelee
“This is a very good fast food place, that serves vegan dishes that are top level. It's close by and fancy for a fast food. I recommend the spinach lasagna or Mediterranean wrap. Also- vegan cheese cake yum”
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Bus Station
“Bus number 12 stops in front of the building and can take you here. It is close to the start of the main shopping street.”
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Flea Market
“you will find gems in this place , anything from harđfiskur ( dryed fish)and kleina(icelandic doughnuts)to second hand lopapeysa (wool sweater) or vintage tresures ”
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