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“Fabulous state park for hiking and just enjoying nature. Amazing waterfalls!”
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“Do the easy, short hike to the the falls. Or enjoy looking when driving by. ”
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“Located on Cornell campus a beautiful place to take on walk and enjoy being outside. Wonderful views”
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“Check out our Lake, Cayuga Lake. It's one of the deepest and longest lakes in America. Sit on the Southern-most shore and appreciate why the Fingerlakes Region of NY has abundant fresh water. ”
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“Grab lunch at the Ithaca Bakery in Collegetown, then head down the Cascadilla Gorge Trail and eat you lunch under a waterfall. It's hard to believe you can leave Cornell and step into a completely different world so quickly. If you hike down you can treat yourself to the Argos Inn for a drink or meal downtown then hike back up Cascadilla Park Road - one of the curviest roads in the country, and packed with adorable homes like it's hobbit hill. ”
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“ A short trail leads up to the falls, but you can't or don't want to walk, you can also view the falls from the bridge on Lake Street.”
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Skating Rink
“Enjoy this park with the marina nearby, this park offers one of the most beautiful trails in the City of Ithaca! ”
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“This trail is relatively low impact, close to everything, and STUNNINGLY beautiful. Multiple tiers of waterfalls are visible from a beautifully constructed stonework walking trail. I 100% recommend! ”
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“Ithaca Children's Garden is just down the road from us and a wonderful, exploratory playground to take your children to! They will love is, ours sure do! ”
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“Playground and vintage carousel right on Cayuga Lake. Biking paths, small boat launch, great place to pack a picnic and watch the sunset”
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Dog Run
“Cascadilla Gorge trail connects Cornell campus to downtown Ithaca. Carving through layers of shale and sandstone with multiple waterfalls. Entrance to park is on corner of Court and Linn Streets.”
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“Sweet creek scenes, and easy, flat terrain. Happy place to walk or maybe even get your feet wet if you're adventurous... ”
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“Two blocks from house. Easy walking trail on inlet, playground, public pool, public ice rink. ”
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“Enjoy the breezes and views of Cayuga Lake. Nice urban park with playgrounds and a carousel in summer. ”
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“Turn left from the Bungalow, and go to the end of our road, opposite Hudson. Just past the three large rocks on your left is an angled pathway that takes you to the trail. Turn left and head on your way on the main trail, or exit to the left of the main trail to wind through the forest and down to the water. Great to walk, bike, or run!”
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“This place boasts one of the largest inland marinas in NY State. Probably because Cayuga Lake is the 3rd largest inland lake in NY, behind just Oneida (1) and Seneca (2).”
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