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Ostokset paikassa Metropolitan City of Milan

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“At Eataly you can find all the excellent products of Italian cuisine, from wines to cheeses, from sweet to savory, from curiosities to rarer delicacies. You can go shopping or you can eat all day long, from breakfast to lunch to dinner in excellent restaurants”
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“'La Rinascente' Roof top dining space in Piazza duomo where you can enjoy Milan from above having an Italian Aperitivo. www.rinascente.it/rinascente/it”
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“Il più buon gelato di Milano ! Unico ! An absolutely special ice cream ! there are only two shops in town and this is one ! ”
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“The oldest and most typical wine shop in town! Go there for a glass of wine late afternoon, you will love it”
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“A young and vibrant place you'll love! Excellent patisserie (MM3 Repubblica)”
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“One of the oldest traiditional pastry shop in Milano. 100 meters from the flat. Hand made croissant, hand-made cakes ans sweet products”
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“I went into this restaurant and the first thing that struck me was the setting in perfect and authentic Japanese style. The dishes are great and abundant, the very varied choice, the fresh fresh fish. The slightly high prices are fully justified by the quality of the dishes. Recommended.”
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“A true Milan institution! The world famous "panzerotto", just around the corner from Duomo. Don't miss it for any reason, and don't get scared by the queue: it's faster than you think!”
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“The gallery is one of the main attraction for the tourist because it combine show -rooms of the most famous mode firms along the moreprestigious bistrot and restaurants of the town. Practically the hearth of the mode....Recently restored gave back the gleam of the marbles.”
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“I have always lived in the area and therefore Corso Vercelli is in my DNA I think it is one of the most beautiful streets in Milan Full of nice shops, always crowded and full of life Absolutely to take a walk”
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“One of the biggest commercial area in Europe for shopping, you need a car to go there.”
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Shopping Plaza
“CityLife is a park with fountains, beautiful houses and skyscrapers. It is also a shopping district.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Mall housed in a glass-covered 19th-century arcade with luxury clothing brands & upscale dining.”
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“best supermarket in the neighbour. it has the biggest variety of italian typical food (cheese, wine, etc...)”
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“the most complete supermarket in the neighbourhood, very cheap as well! I recommend to go there by car though especially if you have heavy bags, walking it takes 10 minutes”
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“Excellent and fresh products, good choices of wine and a variety of International foods”
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“for nice location with old and beautiful architecture and for for the weekly market every Saturday and Tuesday”
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“This open-air market is only on Tuesday and Saturday morning. Here you can find any kind of foodstuffs at very good prices.”
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Ruoka- ja juomamyymälä
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