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Olennaiset asiat alueella Miraflores

“A must-go. Unique view from the coast line (Costa Verde) of Lima in daytime and also perfect for coffee at sunset or at night. ”
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Historiallinen paikka
“The pyramid, known as Huaca Pucllana, was built by members of the Lima culture, a Pre-Incan indigenous coastal civilization that lasted in the region from around 100 CE to 650 CE. Its a pyramid made of clay and adobe bricks!!! Amazing place and there is a great restaurant where you can taste traditional Peruvian Food.”
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“Amazing local and international contemporary artists show their work here, a must see.”
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“Nice spot for couples. Similar style as Gaudi Park in Spain. It has a huge statue of a couple making out. This nerby park has alos the beautiful view from the sea. ”
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“Nice shopping center with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, etc. Where you will find good spots for pictures with the Pacific Ocean behind you. If there is nice weather, you will be able to spot a beautiful sunset!”
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“This is one of our favorite restaurants to eat Seafood or peruvian Dishes, the price is very good, and the quality of the food is just amazing. You can try here Ceviche, octupus, chicharron de calamarres, Try to always ask the recommended dishes. This restaurant is very popular, so you can't do reservations in advance, so what we recomend is to go an hour before you want to eat, sign up, walk a little bit arround and then come back, they also offer the option of a bar, but you will have to wait standing up. It sounds bad, but the wait is totally worth it. ”
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“Family oriented, great sightseeing. On Sundays, the city has music for the elderly to go and dance to - it's really entertaining to see this 60+ year olds dancing salsa!”
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“Owned by the most famous peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, this restaurant will take you to a local culinary journey. Try it. ”
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Perulainen ravintola
“This is my favourite restaurant for peruvian food, you can even find Cuy, Cabrito (a must!)... and even Cow tongue (Lengua de Vaca), are you brave enough to try it? :) From the famous Chef Gaston Acurio. Expensive and you have to be early, or you will have to wait. You can try to book in advance.”
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“Buffet criollo dia y noche, cocktails , un poco caro Peruvian Food Buffet/ day and night, cocktails a little expensive but a nice place,good ambiance TAXI : 8 Minutos / 8 Minutes”
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“Serving traditional peruvian cuisine in a relaxed but modern atmosphere. Several locations across Lima.”
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“If you prefer a luxury restaurant in the middle of the sea for a romantic evening or a special lunch or dinner, I recommend this great option. Excellent attention and exquisite food!”
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“The famous "cat park" with tons of cafes, restaurants, stores and clubs surrounding the park. ”
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Japanilainen ravintola
“Also in the top twenty best restaurants in the world. The Japanese cuisine is on another level. It is expensive and also reservations are hard to get but it is truly an incredible experience. ”
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Perulainen ravintola
“One of the best restaurants in Barranco! Not cheap but affordable for foreigners. Great food and drinks!”
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Muu yöelämä
“Another street full of (quite touristic) restaurants and dancing places. This is where you want to go if there is a great football match coming up!”
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