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“Bacon flights and even though there's typically a line, they'll text you when you're table is ready so you can wander downtown.”
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“Best lunch option in downtown, especially if you like sandwiches as big as your head and cakes the size of a house. Which we do. ”
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“A local favorite, Koffi is where the locals get their daily fix of caffeine and pastry.”
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Amerikkalainen ravintola
“Old-school spot serves ample portions of American chow amid quirky decor including a koi pond.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“It’s the Safeway of the desert. Your Safeway card works here too. Bring you own bags to carry out groceries. We have put some above the fridge in the cupboard. ”
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“I would never put anything as important as coffee in the food scene category. This is an essential! And Koffi has some of the best coffee in the desert. They also have several locations in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Wherever you find yourself you'll also find a Koffi. They have excellent bold coffee but I'm partial to their espresso. it's high-quality and delish. ”
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“Movies are always a great dark and cool way to pass a few hours. Plus you get to see something that'll hopefully entertain you!”
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“This is our go to coffee spot in Palm Springs. Ernest is located in the heart of downtown PS on North Palm Canyon Drive and has great coffee, pastries, and a perfect laidback vibe. Great place for an afternoon respite from shopping - they make great iced mochas! ”
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“Smoketree Village has EVERYTHING! It's about 1 mile away. Some shops: Ralphs, Walgreens, Citibank, Native Foods Cafe (yummy vegetarian), & Smokin Burgers, Pizza... ”
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“Check out Thursday Night Farmers Market. Lots of great food, crafts, art and music.”
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Medical Center
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