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Natural Feature
“ Is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks on Penang Island, Malaysia. It was used as a retreat during the British colonial period, and is now a popular tourist destination in Penang. The top of the hill is accessible via the Penang Hill Railway from its base station at Hill Railway Station Road. You may have a fresh and cozy environment at the hill top, see you at the Top! ”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“This is the highest point in whole Penang state (Penang Island and mainland). To go up, you can either take the cable car (approximately 7mins journey or jungle track). It is similar to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong”
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“An ideal spot for nature exploring and sightseeing. It provides an excellent getaway from busy city life. Some cafes providing meals and drinks are also available.”
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“Penang Hill is the oldest British hill station in Southeast Asia, dated late 1700’s. The highest peak of Penang Hill stand at 833 metres (2,732ft) above sea level. Penang Hill funicular train service started on October 1923 The current funicular trains is the 4th generation system which started its operation on 24th April 2011”
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“If you want to go up the Penang Hills in the morning, the strolling around and heading for the habitat will be ideal. Quote from Beanoo Penang, "The current nature trail as of July 2016 is a linear walk of 1.5km from start to finish which you can easily finish within an hour at a leisurely pace. The promise of the new attractions that will soon be revealed at The Habitat Penang Hill, including a tree top viewing deck and a canopy walk truly excites me. If the news is right, there will be other exciting things also coming to The Habitat. As you wade your way towards the entrance of The Habitat to escape the hustle and bustle of the Astaka food court and gathering place, you will find yourself absorbed slowly but surely, into the tranquility of the forest away from the chaos of the public spaces on the hill. Disabled / wheelchair friendly, this is a place to bring the family both old and young to truly experience the hill and appreciate it in it's original glory. "”
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“The Highest Restaurant in Penang with nice English Garden Set Up and over look at the city View from the hill.”
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Nature Preserve
“The World class Historical Jungle walk with several attraction up on Penang Hill. ”
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“The 1st museum of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Owl Museum displays a collection of owl-inspired artifacts, sculptures & paintings created by various artists across the continent. ”
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Rest Area
“Those who love forest nature, this spot is well serve in eco-tourism among Malaysia today..There;s a canopy skywalk around that area..”
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Buddhist Temple
“The bats cave temple is one of those hidden pearls of the island. It's not worth a day trip but you have to combine it with Penang Hill or Kek Lok Si as it is very near to them.”
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“Going on top of Bukit Bendera will give you breathtaking view of penang; the Penang bridge, Georgetown, and you can see Seri Tanjung Pinang as well. Enjoy the coach ride up the hill. It is a must do.”
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“A MUST sightseeingplace for tourist. The view from the hills is so great, and you can also experience Penang cable car here. ”
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Light Rail Station
“Cool and chill place to relax, with The Habitat that full of Flora and Fauna just being conserved on year 2017.”
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Place of Worship
“The Jade Emperor's Pavilion is a stone’s throw away from Kek Lok Si & Penang Hill Railway Station in Air Itam. ”
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Street Address
“Make sure you try this! Personally recommended! The stall is on a lorry which sells a lot of scrumptious fried local delicacies!”
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