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Parhaat puistot paikassa Pariisi

“Take your picnic to this beautiful park, hang out in the grass or on benches, and visit the home of Victor Hugo afterwards!”
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“This is the very first urban designed public square in the French history in Paris. There are many galleries and cafés and restaurants here. Don't miss the Victor Hugo's house on the South-East corner of the square and the "Hotel d Sully" on the South-West corner.”
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“Beautiful space, oldest planned square in Paris, set 17thC style trend for rest of Europe, very pretty with identical houses facing the square all around it, many famous people have lived here.”
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“The oldest planned square in Paris, Place des Vosges is a beautiful picturesque spot to relax, have a picnic or simply read a book. A mini Versailles surrounded by galleries and restos...heaven.”
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