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Top recommendations from locals

History Museum
“Awesome living history of original Pilgrim settlement. one hour+ from home ”
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Natural Feature
“Enjoy the 7 miles that separate Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod. It's the perfect place to walk, run, bike, rollerblade, enjoy the sunsets, fish or just relax and watch the boats pass by. The train bridge, Mass Maritime Academy, and popular seafood restaurants are some of the many things to experience.”
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“That's right, it really exists! The very stone the Pilgrims first stepped on. It's actually pretty small and not much to look at. If you're in the area, you could easily check it out as you're walking along the waterfront but I wouldn't recommend a trip to Plymouth just to see the rock.”
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Amerikkalainen ravintola
“Fun outdoor bar in summer. Upscale menu, nice atmosphere. Great views over the Bay”
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Travel Agency
“This is a must to appreciate our sea life. What a complete show of strength our Whale Pals have. ”
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Uusi amerikkalainen ravintola
“We personally recommend the Rye Tavern on Old Sandwich Rd. It’s the original standing tavern many used to travel to Cape Cod in their wagons. The Boston (wealthy) residents in the 1800’s maintained tree lots on Cape to be cut to heat their home. Matter of fact, the thievery of trees is the reason why we now have “Land “Court”. Many land disputes required the court to decide. The original tavern has been preserved for you to view. It’s a definite local favorite. ”
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“Mayflower ll, plymouth rock, shops, restaurants and historical buildings. park Beautiful harbor view.”
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“Loads of great hiking/walking trails with pristine forest, lakes and ponds. Plus a nice drive to get there!”
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“Fish market and casual picnic-table space with superb seafood. Local favorite, fabulous quality, down to earth staff. Great take out fish and shellfish both cooked or to cook at home. Super chowder. ”
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Bus Station
“Only 7 miles to Plimoth Plantation which is an incredible living history exhibit displaying the Wampanoag Native Americans and the Pilgrims”
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“Great hiking/biking trails and plenty of ponds to swim, kayak, fish, and canoe in.”
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“If you appreciate a good burger, THIS is your spot. The menu varies with seasonal specials, but it also has its regular menu, with each burger being so special you'll think: "Why didn't I think of this combination?". We find ourselves returning again and again to try out yet another new option on that menu. And don't get me started on the truffle fries.....”
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“During warm days and nights, the windows out front open and there are swinging seats for you to relax in with a drink. Plus, there's live music there on the weekends.”
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“Plenty of shopping including JC Penney, Target, LL Bean, Old Navy, etc. Also eating places like Longhorn, Red Robin, Gourmet Garden. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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History Museum
“The Pilgrim Hall Museum at 75 Court Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts is the oldest public museum in the United States in continuous operation, having opened in 1824.”
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