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“A staple of any Portland trip, the Japanese Gardens are an oasis of serenity in the city, a series of gardens and walkways lined with streams and a traditional Japanese tea house, all with a beautiful view of Mount Hood. The former Japanese ambassador to the US reportedly called it “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan.” The garden even got a recent buildout from famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, currently designing the 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. Tickets to the gardens are around $17 for adults and well worth it.”
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“Portland's Forest Park is one of the largest urban forests in the United States. With more than 80 miles of trails, fire lanes and forest roads.”
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Botanical Garden
“Usually best from April to October. This garden is why Portland is called the Rose City.”
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“"Hike" Mount Tabor Free Mount Tabor OK, so this really can’t be considered a hike, especially since so much of it is paved and there are staircases, but Mount Tabor, rising lazily from the center of Southeast Portland, offers an exceptional view of the city at its peak. It’s a lovely place for a picnic or early morning jog, or just to sit and watch the city lights below from a park bench.”
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“One of Portland's coolest and most beautiful spots in a sketchy area. The Chinese Gardens are a full block radius oasis in Chinatown and so worth the visit. They have the Tao of Tea teahouse inside and you can easily spend a couple of hours relaxing and wandering and taking photos and having tea. Just be aware that Chinatown is not a nice area. It's an intriguing contrast. ”
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“Lovely local park. Walking trails, duck pond, playground, geocaching. Check it out!”
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“Head up to the quaint St. John's neighborhood to walk around, see a movie, and/or head to Cathedral Park with a picnic in-tow. We like to stock up on picnic foods at New Seasons Grocery beforehand. It's worth it for the views of the St. John's bridge alone!”
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“The focal feature at Peninsula Park is The Rose Garden, a gorgeous display of Portland's official flower, which is meticulously maintained by Portland's Master Gardners and is frequently the site of professional photographer sittings and arts events. The entire park is a equally pleasant with large trees, wide curving walks, large open spaces, and a classic 1930's swimming pool cabana.”
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Theme Park
“Roller skating rink, amusement park rides, go carts,..... just small amusement park for a fun time with the kids, or a outing with a romantic interest.”
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“Go out the front door and head south past the Steel Bridge to enjoy jogging, walking, biking, skateboarding, fountain play, lunching, basketball, fireworks viewing, Segwaying, boat watching, sunrises and sunsets. Due to its recreational use, lunch hours are peak-use hours for the waterfront park. In addition to recreational use, the park is also highly used by bike and pedestrian commuters during rush hours because the park is easily accessible to the downtown Portland workforce and provides a pleasant, off street thoroughfare away from vehicular traffic. It is currently home to the Waterfront Blues Festival, Oregon Brewers Festival, Gay/Lesbian Pride Festival and the Bite of Oregon.”
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“Walk among rhododendrons of all colors and towering oaks and maples that wrap around peaceful ponds and lakes. These gardens are a local favorite for portrait photographers. Grab a bag of duck food at the local produce stand up the street and head here for some tranquil beauty. Just watch out for the Geese!”
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“Ten blocks down Ainsworth, you'll hit a park full of heritage trees, a terrific playground space, covered basketball courts, tennis court, and may even see some live bike polo, among other things.”
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“Catholic Sanctuary with interesting history. Enjoyed by guests of all denominations. Taking the elevator up to the higher level gardens is a must. Walk the labyrinth. On a clear day you can see mountains.”
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State / Provincial Park
“Just a few miles away and another world of trees and trails awaits. Peaceful watershed so close to the city.”
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“Challenging to hike here since it's uphill, they have a nice parking lot. Breath taking views, this is the spot to watch stars, eclipse, and other sky stuff.”
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“Refuge featuring wetlands & deciduous forest with foot/bike paths, native plants & wildlife.”
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