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“Home of the "Poulsbo Bread". The donuts and baked goods are fresh and delicious. Avoid the huge cookie smiley faces. They look good but the taste- not so good (according to my kids ;)”
  • 15 paikallista suosittelee
“Totally worth the short drive when you're craving an amazing breakfast. Nice spot to hang out and enjoy the views of port gamble.”
  • 7 paikallista suosittelee
Grocery or Supermarket
“24 hour Safeway located about 15 minutes away. Do not confuse this one with the Safeway in Silverdale if you are looking for late night groceries.”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
Grocery or Supermarket
“Right off the main road (Silverdale Way). One of the many places to shop for groceries.”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
“Unique garden center Japanese species plants you won't find elsewhere, nice setting & fabulous cafe with outdoor seating. New Rose Cafe”
  • 6 paikallista suosittelee
Amerikkalainen ravintola
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
“Costco has almost everything (including gas, a food court, clothes, gadgets, groceries, and more). ”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
  • 1 paikallinen suosittelee


Shopping Plaza
  • 1 paikallinen suosittelee
“Located in the heart of Silverdale, with typical mall shopping and food court.”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee


“Go early and walk around the picturesque town of Port Gamble along the Hood Canal.”
  • 12 paikallista suosittelee