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Parhaat baarit paikassa Podolí, Praha 4

“Take a tour to Vysehrad. It was built as a castle, but destroyed lately and rebuilt as a fortress to protect Prague city from the south. There is also famous cemetery. You can take a walk up to the castle which is built on the hight heavy rock and enjoy the views on the city from the top.”
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“Delicatessen shop, with bakery, cafe and international restaurant with delicious meals.”
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“This place is an art gallery, music club and theatre / cinema all at once. Always check their website before you go there, the program is really variable. In the summer they have open air cinema there also.”
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“feel like going for a swimming. A swimming stadium is just i 1 tram stop away! Also great in the summer because the pools outside are opened.”
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“Really nice place by the river. It ´s better book in advance, it's usually crowded. Try Czech house wine. You can choose from a variety of food - meat, vegan, bio, raw food. The prices are fair and cheap! And in the summer, you can sit on the terrace near the river and just relax :)”
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“Pleasant garden pub with beautiful view and very good czech beer and other drinks. Open only to 10 pm.”
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“The place where all the famous writers, actors and politicians are burried. It is part of the Vyšehrad park. ”
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“Great Thai restaurant just in front of metro station Vyšehad. One station from the flat.”
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“Best Pilsner Beer pub and typical Czech food just around the corner from the flat.”
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“Czech food at good prices and the beers are always fresh and iced cold. They also have lunch menu.”
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“In 2003 the church was elevated to basilica by Pope John Paul II. Originally founded in 1070-1080 by the Czech King Vratislav II. Its a neo-Gothic style basilica, being rebuilt due to previous fires.”
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Business Center
“Very nice and huge park, around 300m far away from my flat. Just let's go for a walk and enjoy great views.”
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Bus Station
“Nearby train station with train lines to Kutná Hora (Sedlec Ossuary), to Karlštejn (castle) or to the Prague Main Station if you prefer train over metro. Also offers a very nice ride through Prokop Valley.”
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“Originally fortress over right bank of Vltava river. Nice gardens, amazing view and beautiful basilica of st. Peter and Pavel...”
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Convention Center
“The Prague Congress Centre now ranks among the leading and best-known convention complexes in Europe.”
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